Coronavirus, April 9th. Mexico reaches 3 thousand 441 cases of Covid-19; there are 194 dead


The positive cases of coronavirus Covid-19 in Mexico they arrived at the court this Thursday, 3 thousand 441.

In a press conference, dr. Hugo López-Gatell, assistant secretary of Health, reported that the number of deaths in the country are 194.

Phase 3 of the pandemic could come in in 15 days, estimated Lopez-Gatell.

During the conference, the Health sector has introduced measures to avoid a possible shortage of blood during the hardest stage of the contingency of Covid-19, where it is expected a greater number of transfusions.

The strategy for the supply of safe blood involves, among other things, to ensure the safety of the donor and to avoid the contamination of Covid-19 in the donor chain.

Another of the measures is a call center for scheduling appointments in blood banks, to avoid crowds of donors.

On the therapy of plasma transfusion convalescent to combat the Covid-19, it is said that is promising, so it needs to be studied or analyzed thoroughly, but there is still no evidence that it works.

Two pregnant women died by Covid-19

The secretariat of Health confirmed the first two deaths in pregnant women from Covid-19 which form part of the 194 deaths from the disease in the country. To day of today have been diagnosed to 3 thousand 441 mexican coronavirus, 10 thousand 105 suspected cases and 17 thousand 950 were discarded.

López–Gatell Ramírez, announced that the two women in pregnancy period, those who died from the new coronavirus suffering from obesity and chronic diseases.

“I want to share a sad news, the death of two pregnant women, one died after their son was born by cesarean section, the baby had a short time of respiratory failure, we hope that he will recover, but the mother passed away, it is noteworthy that a suffering from morbid obesity and hypertension and the other gestational diabetes and morbid obesity”.

The official recalled that in 2009, during the epidemic AH1N1 influenza, pneumonia became the second-leading cause of maternal death, when usually, this condition is found in the positioning of 12 or 13.

“The influenza epidemic was the one that made this disease the second leading cause of maternal death, you have to be very careful with pregnant women, there is that to consider them very susceptible to death”,

Here follows, in vivo, the conference daily about the coronavirus carried out by the Secretariat of Health, from the National Palace:

Until this Wednesday, the Secretariat of Health I had confirmed 3 thousand 181 cases, more than 9, thousand suspects and 174 dead by Covid.19.

Yesterday, the deputy minister of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatellreported that, according to the model of Sentinel, they estimate that there are around 26 thousand cases in the country.

In addition, this afternoon the head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaumalso estimated that in Mexico City there are more than 6 thousand cases for coronavirus and asked the citizens who use face cloths.


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