Coronavirus. Boris Johnson, in intensive care for Covid-19


The prime minister british Boris Johnson is transferred to intensive therapy to treat it by coronavirus.

The office of Johnson said that the contractor is aware and that until the time does not need to be connected to an artificial respirator.

“During the evening, the health of the prime minister deteriorated, and, on the advice of his medical team, he was transferred to the intensive care unit of the hospital,” he said.

Johnson “has asked the minister of Foreign Affairs, Dominic Raab, (…) to replace it, in whatever way is necessary”, he added in a statement.

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Before the news, the secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrardexpressed its solidarity with the european country.

Johnson was taken to the Hospital St. Thomas on the night of Sunday, 10 days after he was diagnosed with the new coronavirus.

Boris Johnson was on Monday hospitalised after showing symptoms persistent coronavirus and even though their co-workers insist that she has “good mood” and continues to be at the helm, it leaves a vacuum in government when the pandemic is progressing fast in the United Kingdom.

The conservative leader, of 55 years, announced on 27 march that he had tested positive to the test of covid-19 and would stay seven days in isolation in his apartment in Downing Street, at whose door you left him meals and papers.

He continued to lead meetings for video conferencing and many on the Monday to this lack of rest the fact that Friday continue having fever and on Sunday, his doctor decides to admit you to submit to a test as a “precautionary measure”.

“He spent a quiet night in the hospital St Thomas’s in London and have a good mood,” said Monday a spokesman for Downing Street. “He remains in hospital under observation,” he added, denying that he had applied to be on a respirator but it is not that we are administering oxygen.

In spite of everything, “will continue to be informed of what is happening and to be at the helm of the government”, insisted the minister of Housing, Robert Jenrick, to the BBC.

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