Coronavirus can be transmitted ‘when people simply talk’


UNITED STATES.- The coronavirus can be transmitted ‘when people simply talk’, said dr Anthony Fauci.

According to The Universalthe director of the national Institute of infectious diseases of the united States, said that the data indicate that “the virus can really be transmitted even when people are simply speaking, not only when you cough or sneeze”.

Claim that still needed to better understand the real risk of infection by the coronavirus

The academies american science outlined through a letter sent to the White House several scientific results preliminaries that make tip the balance towards the possibility that the virus is transmitted by the air in which people breathe, and not only because of the drops issued in a sneezing directly into the face of other people or on surfaces.

In this result, it was demonstrated that the virus can survive hours and days.

“The research works currently available raise the possibility that the SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted by bioaerosols generated directly by the expiration of the patients,” wrote Harvey Fineberg, president of the committee of emerging infectious diseases.

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Fineberg pointed out four studies, and stressed that it still needed to better understand the real risk of infection by the coronavirus.

It should be noted that the united States is the country with the most infections by coronaviruses in the world, and logged more than 7 thousand deaths due to the virus.

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