Coronavirus. Cases in Mexico by state, map to the 5 of April


City of Méxicoi /

In the last 24 hours died 15 people for coronavirus in Mexico, so that add up to 94 deaths in Mexicowhile the cases increased to 2 thousand 143 in the country since the pandemic began.

Of the total cases, a thousand and 454 are in contact and of the 253 cases detected in the past 24 hours, 237 ill after spending time with an infected person.

Cases of coronavirus in Mexico by state

The Mexico city is maintained as the entity with more cases confirmed, and the only one that has more than 300 cases of covid-19.

It is followed by the State of Mexico, Puebla, and Jaliscothat , together with the capital of the country are the only ones that have surpassed the 100 cases of covid-19; in the meantime, seven states have been detected between 50 and 99 cases, and the rest reported between 1 and 49.

Deaths from coronavirus in Mexico by state

According to data of the ministry of Health, 15 persons died in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 94 deaths in the country in total.

Mexico City is the entity with more deaths; followed by Sinaloa, which in seven days he went from having no death to 12.

In the meantime, Jalisco, Baja California and Hidalgo have been reported more than 5 deaths, while 17 states have reported more than one death by coronavirus.

Of the 32 states, only seven have not reported any death by covid-19, three entities less than yesterday.


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