Coronavirus cases rise in Burgos, test sales increase fivefold

In mid-August, the Acute Respiratory Infection Surveillance Program detected a slight increase in the incidence of covid-19 in Castile and León. At week 32, there were 76 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but no significant increase by age group was found. Burgos Pharmacy has noticed this growth. In August, some of these medical institutions increased sales of covid-19 test kits by five.

The weekly incidence rate for all acute respiratory infections was 418 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. On its own, covid-19 has an incidence rate of 76 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Influenza incidence has been close to zero. SARS-CoV-2 virus was detected in 5 of 18 sentinel samples sent in week 32. The next Sentinel Network report will be published on September 12.

this is new crown virus

Currently 35% of respiratory infections are caused by the most common SARS-CoV-2, and the variants with the highest percentages of transmission in the past five weeks were XBB.1.5 (36%) and XBB.1.5-like+F456L (28%), from The 2022-23 season starts with variants XBB.1.5 (33%), BQ.1 (32%) and BA.5 (8%).

Covid-19 has been added to the list of the most prevalent respiratory infections in the population. Their presence is expected to increase in late summer as temperatures drop and more enclosed spaces are shared again. But in recent weeks, covid-19 cases have risen even as summer is still here and temperatures are warm.

Coronavirus data for Burgos

Between 1 and 10 August, the Ministry of Health registered 64 new covid-19 patients in Burgos, while between 10 and 20 August, 535 new patients were registered. From the 20th to the 24th, in just four days, the number of new crown patients increased by 351. The last day the Ministry of Health provided data was August 24, when Burgos had 145,210 COVID-19 patients and 15,395 active cases since the start of the pandemic and primary care. The data on active cases indicated that, at the date of the update, these individuals were covid-19 compatible. Data on sick patients include all diagnoses consistent with coronaviruses (COVID-19 and COVID-19).

The instantaneous basic reproduction number, the average number of people each infected person can infect, also increased. It was 0.82 on August 1 and 1.07 on August 27. But it is worth noting that since August 20, it has been declining.

test sale

However, the illness is generally mild or moderate, like a cold, albeit with a fever. In the province of Burgos, the only indicator that is at a medium risk level is the occupancy rate of hospital beds due to covid-19 cases, at 5.64%. The rest of the indicators are at low risk level or risk controllable.

Another aspect of measuring this increase in respiratory pathology leading up to the fall is the drug aspect. The Council of Colleges of Professional Pharmacy of Castile and León (CONCyL) has seen an increase in the need for tests to diagnose or rule out coronavirus or influenza infection, and now they go hand in hand.

Pharmacies also see an increase in prescribing antibiotic treatments to fight COVID-19

Some pharmacies in Burgos admitted they had noticed an increase in sales of coronavirus test kits throughout August. A pharmacist in Burgos confirms that “since April, we have been selling about 20 kits a month, and by August we had reached 100.” Sales in August increased fivefold. In September, as of September 6, the pharmaceutical factory has sold 16 tubes. There are almost as many tests as there are sold in a month, but only six days have passed in the month.

They also point to an increase in the prescription of antibiotic treatments to combat the disease. Of course, there are also people who go to the pharmacy without wearing a mask despite their illness.

There was more foot traffic from another pharmacy in Burgos, who admitted that sales of his test kits for the coronavirus had “continued to grow,” but even they had noticed an increase in sales in recent days.

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