Coronavirus Coahuila. Pregnant woman gives positive Covid-19


Saltillo, Coahuila /

A woman with 35 weeks of pregnancy in a serious condition of health and was diagnosed with covid-19, was transferred from the Hospital Not.7 of the IMSS in Monclova to the Clinic 1 of Saltillo, where this Friday she underwent a caesarean section with the aim that the newborn does not pick up the virus, reported Health authorities.

“Indeed the day of the day before yesterday (Wednesday) moved a pregnant woman in clinic 7 of the IMSS in Monclova to the Clinic 1 in Saltillo, because it was a severely ill patient very delicate with a pregnancy of 35 weeks, the patient is piped, in intensive therapy,” said Faustino Aguilar Arocha, head of the Fourth Sanitary Jurisdiction of the ministry of Health.

At the conclusion of the meeting of the Subcommittee on Health in the Central region, the official said that the transfer was made under the measures of care and protection necessary to prevent the spread, and it was reported that family members and persons with whom he maintained contact is clamped to the fence sanitary and epidemiological surveillance that indicates the protocol.

By the afternoon of this Friday, it was informed that already ended with the surgical procedure and that the baby is in the area of neonates at the clinic of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), whose diagnosis is reserved.

However, it is reported that the mother is a serious health and continue care of the patient, native of the municipality of Monclova, who informs her husband was also infected after having lived with one of the doctors with Covid-19 affected by the outbreak of the clinic 7 of the IMSS in Monclova.

The mayor of Monclova, Alfredo Paredes López, hoped that with the visit of Vladimir Martinez, advisor to the national director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo to Coahuila, is made to detail a surgical revision of what is happening in the different clinics of the Social Insurance.

“I am sure that with your arrival you are going to stop doing paperwork, and will be of importance to the emergency that we have in the region, each day that passes, every now that passes, we are concerned because we do not know how many people continues to infect. This time is key to cutting the chain of growth,” he said.

The foregoing, then, that 64 percent of the positive cases in Coahuila is located in Monclova, a city in which is recorded the first two deaths by Covid-19 in the entity.


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