Coronavirus. Comes to Mexico, cargo of China with medical supplies


The cargo medical supplies purchased in China to face the pandemic of the coronavirus came to Mexico to board the aircraft Boeing 787-8 from Aeromexico, Missionary of Peace.

On the plane that arrived in the hangar of the Sixth Battalion of the S]secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) travels Martha Delgado, deputy secretary of Foreign Affairs, who made the accompaniment and verified the quality and quantity of what is delivered in this first flight of the air bridge, reported Marcelo Ebrard.

The plane returned to Mexico, almost 11 hours after the game in Shanghai, China, where she was loaded with supplies protection to doctors and nurses, respirators, medicines, material, prophylactic, among others.

In this regard, the Foreign secretary, Marcelo Ebrard, welcomed the accompaniment of Martha Delgado, “to verify the quality and quantity of what is delivered in this first flight of the air bridge”.

During the press conference that evening, Hugo López-Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, estimated that the cargo allows you to cover in their entirety the need for hospitals personal protective equipment.

According to the official, the aircraft that arrived this night, the country has supplies of protection for the health personnel, such as gloves, mask, surgical masks N-95, eye protection and hats.

This will allow us to cover nearly 100 percent of personal protection equipment for the national health system”.

He also clarified that it is not the only flight that will be to buy inputs, because there will be a continuous going and coming of aircraft that subsequently will bring to Mexico more specialized equipment such as ventilators and monitors.

“The flight was to China with some officials of the ministry of Foreign Affairs. The mission was very clear, to bring to Mexico the purchased inputs over the last three or four weeks,” said Lopez-Gatell at the press conference in the evening.


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