Coronavirus. Conference daily about the situation in Mexico, April 12,


The Secretariat of Health reported this Sunday, April 12, in Mexico have been killed 296 people by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and currently has a record of 4 thousand 661 confirmed cases.

In a press conference, the dependence explained that there are 8 thousand 697 suspicious cases and that, from the beginning of the pandemic have been valued 36 thousand 594 people in the country.

We’ll leave you a count of the main topics addressed in the daily report of the ministry of Health on the status of the coronavirus in the country:

Have recovered 1, 843 patients of coronavirus

José Luis Alomía Zegarra, director general of Epidemiology, explained that of the 4 thousand 661 patients with coronavirus in the country, have recovered thousand 843, which represents 40% of the confirmed cases. He added that it is estimated that the patients recovered, they are immune to the covid-19, may protect the population groups.

There are 897 patients with covid-19 who are serious

On patients who still have coronavirus was reported that 3 thousand 98, that is to say 66.47 percent, are cared for on an outpatient basis in their homes, 481 are hospitalized stable, 897 are hospitalized in serious and 185 are intubated with artificial respiration.

Improvements to the official website on coronavirus

Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, director-general of Health Promotion, reported that as a result of various comments adjustments have been made to the official website on coronavirus ( where the federal government covers the required information about the covid-19 for different groups of the population.

10 million have visited the site of covid-19

The director general of Health Promotion also reported that 10 million people have visited the special site from the federal government on coronavirus (

Add up to 44 conferences of coronavirus

The under-secretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell reported that total 44 lectures on the situation in the country and took the opportunity to thank the dissemination of information on the covid-19. The federal official explained that since the start of the pandemic has informed daily with the exception of march 8, International Women’s Day and said that “we’re many; we’re not going to withdraw from this effort to inform.”

Phase three of covid-19 it is inevitable

The deputy minister of health, Hugo López-Gatell added that phase 3 of the pandemic coronavirus is inevitable and that it will come very soon but stressed the importance of taking preventive measures, such as the healthy distance and staying home, so they have a lower quantity of hiv infections.

Hospital care, key stage 3 covid-19

The under-secretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell explained that before the latency to enter phase 3 of the pandemic coronavirus, to guarantee hospital care to the patients of a positive result, it is essential.

AMLO asked to Trump monitors and respirators

In the evening lecture, López-Gatell, explained that the government of Mexico requested the united States sale of 10 thousand monitors and 10 thousand mechanical ventilators to treat the patients that could give positive to coronavirus and said that the president Trump still does not give a concrete answer about the purchase-sale, but expect that this week will have more information.

Use of gloves does not pound the covid-19

The deputy minister of Health emphasized that the use of latex gloves does not exempt the employment of the various measures recommended before the covid-19, as the washing of hands, sneezing of courtesy and to maintain a healthy distance. The official said that “to be wearing surgical gloves in public road has no sense of protection, because the virus does not enter by the hands, but by nose, mouth, and eyes” and explained that after a few minutes the glove “it is like the hand mista” and can be a carrier of the virus as much as the hand, so he called to reinforce the proper washing of hands and not rely on the use of gloves or mask are fully protected from the virus.

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