Coronavirus Confirmed IMSS that there are 20 medical infectious in clinic Tlalne


Zoé Robledo, director General of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), reported that the outbreak of coronavirus Covid-19 registered in the clinic 72 of the institute in TlalnepantlaIn the state of Mexico did not originate within these medical facilities, but that came from the outside, however, he explained that there are 20 doctors confirmed this clinic who are infected by this virus.

At a press conference in National Palace, the federal official pointed out that this information is based on a study done several weeks ago

“There are three lines: one is the first case of a patient that has already recovered, fortunately); the other is a doctor, a doctor, who was not in contact with patients by Covid-19 at that time, and another is a doctor who also, simultaneously, working in another health system.

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“There is a complete study, signed by the doctor Juan Manuel Lira (holder of the Unit of Health Care from the IMSS), and by dr. Concepción Grajales (Coordinator of the Epidemiological Surveillance of the mexican institute for social security) that establishes these three lines and to conclude, a study that took place several weeks ago, concluded that the outbreak was not hospitable”.

“They took all the samples to all the doctors, with all of the studies of contact and, effectively there are 20 doctors confirmed, but not because they started the outbreak in the hospital.”

I reiterate that, unlike in the case of the clinic 7 in Monclova, Coahuila, where it is shown that there was an outbreak of procedure of the hospital, in the clinic 72 is not the same situation.

“The part of the outbreaks, as happened in Monclova, where there is demonstration epidemiological that there was a contagion inside the hospital, the same is not the case in the 72. The same is not the case, the epidemiological study that takes several weeks, what you are demonstrating is that it came from outside,” he added.

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It is worth remembering that in this hospital of the IMSS, a large group of nurses and doctors, protested the 26 march, where in unison they shouted “we want protection! “ as reported EL UNIVERSAL.

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