Coronavirus delayed extradition of Ancyra and Lozoya from Spain


Madrid.- The pandemic coronavirus not only is putting in a check to the society, and the Spanish economy. It also affects the mexican arrested in Spain and who have outstanding accounts with justice. The judicial sector was suspended practically all of its proceedings, which will inevitably lead to the extradition procedures that are followed in the National court of Spain against the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoytoand the owner of Altos Hornos de Mexico SA (AHMSA), Alonso Ancira.

“The dictation of the self-extradition (of Ancira) is suspended, because this was agreed by the General Council of the Judiciary in connection with all legal proceedings that are not urgent”, it points to THE UNIVERSAL the lawyer of Ancira, Manuel Ollé.

“In our case, as it is only the dictation of a car, we understand that not infringes any rights, given the difficult situation that we are living”, added the lawyer that defends the mexican businessman.

Judicial sources confirmed that the National court is not pending any demand for extradition, because only you are dealing more priority in these times of serious health crisis.

“The prosecutions are suspended, have been deferred to the deadlines, so that there is no time in any of the pending cases”, added the sources about the slowdown of the dependency court of Madrid, which is in charge of the extraditions and that reemprenderá their activities when the iberian country is back to normal, even if you do it in a staggered manner.

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The declaration by the Spanish Government’s State of Alarm, and the confinement in their houses of all citizens not working in health or in sectors that are essential to prevent the total shutdown of the economy, led to the National court to cease all activities, except those deemed urgent or priority and the service guard.

After his last statement, face-to-face, Ancira is waiting for the National court to resolve his appeal against the extradition process initiated by the mexican authorities to the alleged crimes of money laundering, bribery and tax evasion.

The mexican businessman who is on bail, he proclaims his innocence, is considered a persecuted political, and ensures that Mexico it is a country without laws, so that has no guarantees of being judged according to law. Were among others the arguments that you used to oppose their delivery to the mexican authorities, after the Spanish police as the capture in may of 2019 at the airport of Palma de Mallorca, in compliance of the order of detention international that turned the government of Mexico for alleged crimes of fraud and corruption.

For its part, Lozoya is a prisoner in the jail of Navalcarnero of Madrid after his arrest by the interpol on the 12th of February in the andalusian province of Malaga, as he was leaving a luxurious urbanization.

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Accused by the ag’s office for serious crimes of corruption, among them, have received during their governance of Pemex to more than ten million dollars in concept of bribery on the part of the builder brazilian Odebrecth, Lozoya it is also awaiting the start of his extradition process. Like that Ancira, with which it shares its alleged criminal activities, refuses to be handed over to the mexican authorities.

After the ag’s office sent to the Spanish judiciary a formal application to the extradition of Lozoyabegan the process whose delay is usually several months, although probably the crisis of the coronavirus extend the time limits. In the case of Ancyra, is already happening. The National court should have ruled on their extradition from several days ago.

In any case, the last word on the lucky end of Ancira and Lozoya the Council of Ministers of the Spanish Government that will be in charge of giving the green light to the delivery of the two fugitives to the mexican authorities if it is finally the National court, once the iberian country to return to normal, decides to approve his extradition.

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