Coronavirus. Die 834 in the last 24 hours by Covid-19 in Spain


The deaths for the coronavirus Covid-19 exceeded 31 thousand in all over the world and the pandemic continued to wreak havoc in Italy and Spain, where the number of deaths returned to achieve a record on Sunday despite the confinement decreed.

In the last 24 hours, 834 people died in Spain and the total of deaths already exceeds 6 thousand 500, while it accounted for 78 thousand infected diagnosed although the actual number would be much higher.

Saturday night, the president of the government, Pedro Sanchez, announced that the sectors that are not essential should be to paralyze its activity for two weeks to decrease the risk of infection. The confinement of the population will be in force at least until the 11th of April.

“Public officials must be guided by the experts and only for them, to face and fight the only enemy that threatens us: the viruses and their ravages health, economic and social,” said Sanchez.

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Even if the daily balance of dead and infected is pretty bleak, in percentage terms, the growth is in low from Wednesday.

“Evolution seems to have stabilized, it seems that even is started to go down,” he said at a press conference, Fernando Simon, director of the center for health emergencies, the ministry of Health.

In the hospitals of Madrid, the most affected region, professionals working in extreme conditions. “This is a tsunami,” summed up the AFP Paul Rodriguez, a radiologist from madrid Hospital de la Princesa.

From the beginning of the epidemic there were more than 667 thousand 90 cases of infection in 183 countries or territories. At this time, it is estimated that more than 3 thousand 300 million people around the world are confined.

In Italy, with more than 10 thousand dead, has the largest number of deaths in the world, the confinement could be giving its first results.

“In all the emergency services has been reduced (arrival of patients). In some it is slight, in others it is more pronounced,” said Giulio Gallera, chief of health of Lombardy, the region hit hardest.

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This Sunday, the Pope joined the UN and called for an immediate truce in all conflicts of the world to protect the civilians most vulnerable to the epidemic of the new coronavirus.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the pandemic progresses at full speed in the united States with more than 2 thousand dead. In addition, there are 124 thousand cases of infection accounted for, of which almost half in the state of New York. The united states is today the country with the highest number of registered cases.

Among the deceased there is a baby, one of the youngest victims of this disease, which in theory does not affect harshly to the children.

The american president Donald Trump planned to impose a quarantine in the states of New York and New Jersey, but gave up and opted for the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the national authority of health, ask for “urge the residents of new York, New Jersey and Connecticut to avoid non-essential travel during the next 14 days”.

Also of concern is the increase of cases in the United Kingdom, where the prime minister, Boris Johnson, is one of the infected.

“I think that all the world should prepare themselves for a long period” of confinement, said the minister, Michael Gove Sunday. The country records more than a thousand dead and 17 thousand cases diagnosed.

In France, where there are 2 thousand 314 people dead, the most difficult days seem to be coming. Due to the lack of spaces in intensive care, dozens of affected graves have been evacuated from the northeastern region to other parts of France or to neighboring countries such as Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

In Iran, other countries especially affected by the pandemic with more than 2 thousand 600 deaths, the authorities asked the population to continue staying home and announced that the restrictions on movement that apply will be extended.

“Avoid unnecessary travel” it is also the recommendation of the president of mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, criticized for its late response to the health emergency.

“Now what we want is to withdraw all, they are in their homes, with their families, help us also to keep a healthy distance and it has hygiene,” asked to avoid the spread of the epidemic.

Latin america has nearly 13 thousand cases of the virus and more than 260 people dead, according to a count by AFP from official figures.

Paraguay extended two weeks in the confinement of the population, a measure already applied by countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Uruguay or Venezuela.

Saturday night, Panama announced that it will no longer pass the cruise ship “Zaandam”, with four dead on board and two patients by COVID-19, which will continue its route towards the united States.

“It is very difficult to sustain the mental health”, said the argentine Dante Leguizamón to the AFP via a video message recorded at his cabin on the “Zaandam”.
Meanwhile in China, the kilometre zero of the pandemic, the situation seems to be under control, but the country fears the cases are “imported”.

This Sunday, Wuhan, the city where it sprang from the pathogen, followed by subjecting to strict controls to those who came to the city, which will be progressively reopened to the world.

“At the beginning, we had more fear, and we thought that maybe we were safer outside,” explains Han Li, who works in the management of travellers returning to Wuhan. “But now we don’t have that impression.”

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