Coronavirus. Dies by Covid-19 a journalist for the newspaper The Chronicle Today


This afternoon, the newspaper of the capital The Chronicle of Todayreported to the death of journalist Alejandro Cedillo, who was serving as the coordinator of the Section Metropolis, in that publishing house.

Managers of Today’s Chronicle commented to THE UNIVERSAL Alejandro Cedillo died of Covid-19, “unfortunately he suffered from diabetes, which worsened the recovery,” they said.

Commented that last Saturday, April 25, the journalist received medical care at the hospital Gabriel Mancera, but the deterioration of his health moved very fast and on Sunday night had to be intubated.

Cedillo was 40 years of age, 20 of them dedicated to the performance of the news coverage national in the newspaper The Chronicle Today where it began in the Sports. He studied at the school Carlos Septién García.

“In his first assignment abroad, brought with it good luck: in 2005, covered in Peru in the fifa u-17, which would result in the first championship of Mexico. Shortly after would go to the section City, as a reporter, co-editor and, from 2014, as the coordinator and responsible of the section”, he told The Chronicle in its web site.

Alejandro was americanism of heart and a devotee of the Lord of Chalma, with a close relationship with your community in one of the eight neighborhoods of Iztapalapa.

“Alejandro was proudly Iztapalapa […] in the newspaper was characterized as a good companion, friendly treatment, provisions of the collective work”, they read in the article published today by the newspaper.

“In The Chronicle was someone who was very dear, was someone that had been formed here and that will always be a lot missing,” said Arturo Ramos, Assistant director of Information of the medium.

The newspaper noted that Alejandro Cedillo was not wearing the t-shirt of the newspaper, but “tattooed”, since on several occasions rejected offers to work in another medium. “All the time, showed a loyalty test to the project of this house. Its willingness to collaborate was always open. It was, moreover, a journalist honest.”

He is survived by his wife Iztel and their children Paula and Alec.


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