Coronavirus. Director of the WHO denounces racism and threats to Covid-19


Geneva.- The director-general of the World Health organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, revealed this Wednesday that in the last three months, a period during which your entity has led the global fight against the coronavirus, has received death threats and attacks of various types, among them racist.

“Three months ago I receive personal attacks, some racist and to be honest I’m proud of my color. I have received even death threats, but I don’t care at all why I wouldn’t mind being attacked if the people are dying, if we are losing lives every minute?”, said the responsible person of ethiopian origin.

Tedros, microbiologist, and that he was minister of Health and of Foreign affairs of his country, stated that one of the initial attacks was made in Taiwan and that the government, in full crisis of the coronavirus in Asia, it is not unchecked of these attacks to his person.

In a virtual press conference and accompanied by two senior officials that coordinate the response of the WHO to the pandemic, the director general argued that while the attacks are against him will not pay attention, but that feels a great sadness when they are directed against the community or the african continent.

“When it is personal to me, just the same, I am not better than anyone, but when you insult an entire community, then simply, that’s not what I can tolerate,” he said in a tone quiet.

He added that the WHO “no policy” and that its mission is “to care for the poor and the vulnerable,” in these times, in which the whole world is engulfed in the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

“The WHO will do everything possible to not regret anything, but in the way we can err, like any human being,” he said, recalling that there are and there will be assessments on the right steps and the errors that the organization may have committed since we detected the emergence of the coronavirus.


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