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Not for the quarantine, for the multi-covid-19 to prevent the illegal armed groups who force minors to integrate in its ranks.

According to data provided by the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF), between January and may of this year, 44 minors who have been released from armed groups and entered into the program for the protection of the ICBF.

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The authority was informed that, since 1999, through may 31, 2020, has met most of the 6.831 girls, children and young people that go out of the lines of the groups “illegal,” and that, at present, are met in the 220, he explained to Lina Arbeláez, director of the ICBF, and he said that, in most cases, these children had been recruited by the Eln (see note attached).

All the alerts that have already been doing in different organizations. The attorney-general, Fernando Carrillo, and sent to the public Prosecutor’s office extended the complaint and asking that it be investigated, and the cruel events that affect the to children, in the midst of a pandemic.

According to the document, and in more than a dozen made during the current pandemic, the armed groups have used children under the age of committing unlawful killings, acts of terrorism, and others. In addition, the Attorney general’s office pointed out that thes-illegal groups are also recruiting children for purposes of sexual exploitation, and that tens of thousands of children have been tortured and displaced persons, for a lot of families moving in to try and save their children from being dragged into the war.

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The one element that’s especially alarming is that many of the minors belong to indigenous communities such as the embera dóbidas, embera peoples of the roman and the embera chamíes, and in the community, nonam, on the Bojayá and Istmina, and Sank, children of indigenous peoples of Toribío, Cauca department, under embera eyábidas of this article, of Antioch; and the indigenous wounaan of Saint Rose, rosewood, in Buenaventura, valle del Cauca department.

Behind these crimes, said the Prosecutor’s office, are responsible for the Farc, the Eln, and at least 7 other armed groups, such as the ‘Caparros’, the self-defence forces Gaitanistas of Colombia, and the clan of the Gulf, ” among others.

The Agency has also warned of the seriousness of the facts. In the TIME that it became the 30th of April last, it shall have sent to the Ministry of the Interior, and a warning about the risk to the public, in the context of the vault, and he mentioned that the disacordos of the Farc and the Eln are not only recruiting the kids, but will be installing mine in the community.

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And there’s another one warning you that the past year has made us, and that is the Mission to Support the Peace Process of the OAS (Mapp/OAS), stressed in his last report: not only are recruits kids throughout the country, but the illegal groups take advantage of the vulnerability of migrant children, and already there have been reports of children in venezuela and ecuador, which have been considered for all the lines.

Particularly, the Mapp/OAS), in its report submitted a few days ago, which covers the second half of 2019, he said, that where there is the presence of the Eln and the training facilities are used “to induce or force all the boys, girls and adolescents that are a part of your organization.; this is seen in Antioquia, Bolívar, Nariño, Arauca and the region of Catatumbo.

The training facilities are used to induce or force all the boys, girls and adolescents that are a part of your organization

There have also been reports of minors, led by the head of the Farc, in Colombia, Norte de Santander, Guaviare, Meta, Putumayo, and Cauca, on the pacific coast. In the region of bajo Cauca, the major recruiters have been in the “clan of the Gulf’ and the ‘Caparros’, which are also recruited in the Chocó, and Nariño. And in the Catatumbo, the main threat in the Epl.

The increase in the forced recruitment of minors, during a pandemic, and Maria Paula Martinez, director of Save The Children in Colombia, an NGO that works for the protection of children, said that in addition to the pressure of the armed groups –it did not cease–, the difficult economic conditions marked by the rise of health care may have led to more children enter the ranks of the armed groups.

In the midst of this landscape, there appeared initiatives which are aimed at strengthening the penalties against their recruiters. The Congress has already passed the first two debates, a bill that seeks to increase between the ages of 13 and 23 years of imprisonment, the penalty for those who recruit and use children in war.

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This is the initiative of the representative of the Democratic Centre Margaret Possibly can, you compare them to the feathers of the trafficking in persons in the protected person for the purposes of sexual exploitation. Possibly, he said that the illegal groups take advantage of situations that are difficult to recruit children, it is necessary to “step up efforts to contain the pandemic, the covid-19, and the pandemic of forced recruitment of children.”

But, in addition to a more severe punishment, on the other side of the coin is to reinforce the attention that should be given to both communities, in order to prevent these things, such as children who are able to be released from the armed groups.

“43 % of the lower band, which is in the ICBF, were at the Nla’: the director of the ICBF

Lina Arbeláez, director of the ICBF

Lina María Arbeláez, director of the ICBF

From the ICBF, there is a concern about the continued forced recruitment of children in the country?

For the Government, and in particular, to the ICBF, for any component of recruitment to make it clear that this is cause for concern, because there is a clear and flagrant violation of the rights of children and young people. They are all broken in their ambitions, which will limit its ability to blast away with their talent and have a good life.

Are you working with other parts of the State’s strategy to reduce the number of under-recruited?

Yes, of course, all of the strategies to combat the recruitment of in-country team, led by the Commission for cross-Sectoral Prevention of Recruitment, Use of, Use of and Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents by armed groups, organized on the margins of the law (Ciprunna), which is at the head of a High Concierge service for Human Rights; besides, it works hand-in-hand with the high commissioner for Peace, dr. Michael Ceballos, and other parts of the country in which they are included in the Ministry of Education, a Concierge service for children and youth, Ministry of Youth, among others.

As it is, the attention given to the children once they get to the ICBF?

We have a program of specialized care for children and adolescents released from armed groups operating outside of the law, from the end of 1999. Since then, it has been more than 6.831, children, and teenagers, of whom 70 per cent are men and 30 per cent of them are women. The age at which most recruits are 17, 16 and 15 years old, with 83 per cent of the cases.

In the court of the 31st of may, the ICBF has, under its protection, and in 220 girls, children and young people, of whom 43 per cent were in the hands of the Eln. The specialized services, which includes, in addition to having the component of the re-establishment of rights includes attention to the follow-up psycho-social support in the process of adapting to the society, respect for the law, and an element that is fundamental to the development of a project for a life with dignity is legal and sustainable in accordance with their abilities and capabilities.

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