Coronavirus. Establish a curfew for Covid-19 in Ometepe, Warrior


Chilpancingo-. Authorities of the municipality of Ometepe announced to its residents that starting Monday, it will be forbidden to go out to the streets after 22:00 hours, to combat the spread of coronavirus and warned that those who do not comply will be imprisoned 36 hours.

“Anyone who is surprised in the streets, gathered in the corners, taking, living, talking, the hours of 22:00 hours onwards will be sanctioned with a arrest in railing for 36 hours,” says the council in a press release.


Another of the measures is the prohibition of festivities, cultural events, sports, religious and wakes, in addition to restrictions on the access of public transport member-at-large.

“From 07:00 to.m. of the day Monday, 13th of April it is forbidden the access of taxis outsiders who come from other municipalities to the municipal head, being restricted the entry of taxi route Ometepe-Acapulco, as well as buses that travel to the City of Mexico, Chilpancingo and Acapulco, talk of all the lines that provide service in the city of Ometepe,” he said.

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The authorities specified that they can only enter businesses with perishable products, transport of values, pipes, gasoline, health personnel, accredited Civil defense personnel, police, National Guard, Army, Navy, and ambulance.

To the food stores, the city council ordered only sale to carry. The self-service stores and convenience, the city council warned that it will be closed down if you do not comply with the measures of prevention, such as providing hand sanitizers or water and soap to your customers and staff to use mask and gloves.

The tortillerías, stores of bottled water, and lessees of the markets were ordered to monitor the state of health of its employees.

Ometepe it is the second municipality that imposes a curfew in the same region as in San Marcos, where already there were two positive cases of Covid-19.


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