Coronavirus. Expert of the UNAM suggested to use face cloths


As of today, in terms of agglomeration, such as public transport, metro, truck, bus, markets, rows and shops, priority should be given to the use of face clothssaid the doctor Samuel Ponce de León Rosales, coordinator of the Commission College to the Attention of the Emergency Coronavirus, who called to “use it with due caution, without neglecting the hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

“Although should not be used N95 masks, which are for the exclusive use of medical staff”, emphasized in a press release, circulated by the UNAM.

At this time, the transmission of the virus causing the COVID-19 intensifies as a result of that continues to circulate in the city, so “we will call to not move, stay in your home and hopefully reduce the transmission,” he said.

After a new session of work with the members of the Commission formed since the beginning of the year on the instructions of the rector Enrique Graue, the specialist warned that we must all act in quality of urgency; “we are at the last minute to not come so late with the preventive measures to the inexorable appointment with the pandemic.”

The holder of a University Program of Research in Health (PUIS) of the UNAM was also noted that at the start in the next few days an extension phase of intense (high contagiousness) in the City of Mexico and its areas conurbadas, the administrative areas responsible for procurement and distribution to supply the personal protective equipment to the areas hospital must “provide to all the groups and hospitals of material sufficient in quality and quantity.

“The protection of health care personnel is at this time a top priority”, he stressed.

While the mask is already scarce for the last few weeks, the doctor considered that it is possible to manufacture it at home with different types of tissues, “will always be a better protection than having nothing in the situations we have described to you.”

Finally, made a call to the university community and the general population to strive to get ahead of this crisis, “we are facing a challenge egregious, perhaps we will never have another greater, let us strive to the fullest to get ahead.”

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