Coronavirus. General Health council will be sitting by Covid-19


The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that today at about 13:00 hours shall meet the General Health council to make a balance of epidemic coronavirus Covid-19 and approve measures that will be implemented to mitigate the contagion.

In his press conference in National Palace, the president said that he will continue with the extent of staying home and taking care of us.

“Today at seven in the evening the deputy minister of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell is going to give out the actions which are to be agreed at the Health Council, I ask all mexicans to be vigilant.”

The representative thanked the support and solidarity of the city to the measures taken to address the coronavirus, “because people are supporting a lot with your attitude.”

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“From the beginning we come to argue that this epidemic is not a cure only in the hospitals, I know a cure in the family, with preventive measures, with the care that we have all”.

The holder of the Executive pointed out that fortunately we have an advantage in comparison with other countries, we have a family fraternal: the mexicans we have that great asset, and that allows us to care about all of our seniors that is the most vulnerable population.

“It’s already been doing, and I want to congratulate all the mexicans for their support, is already caring for older adults, this will help us a lot, this is not in the recommendations of the WHO, is a active very of Mexico and of other countries, that our families may be fraternal”.

He stressed that we have a young population, 29 years in average age, which is more resistant against the Covid-19, although we have conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

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