Coronavirus, goodbye to Rosa: the hug in the hospital with her husband Giorgio became a photo symbol of the pandemic

Coronavirus, addio a Rosa: l’abbraccio in ospedale con suo marito Giorgio diventò una foto simbolo della pandemia

After fifty years of marriage, Giorgio will no longer have Rosa by his side. After the worsening of her health conditions, the 74-year-old protagonist, together with her husband, of the photo symbol of the pandemic died. That tender hug in the Cremona hospital ward, where they were both hospitalized for pneumonia from Covid-19, had passed as a very powerful message of hope and love. “That photo was a gift for mom and dad,” said the son. In recent days, Giorgio was waiting impatiently at home, asking for news of her every night, sleeping badly, separated once again from the woman with whom he spent a lifetime.


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