Coronavirus. Governor of Jalisco evaluates confinement required for may


The confinement in Jalisco will be extended after April 30, but could be made mandatory and not voluntary as until now, said governor Enrique Alfaro in a video in which he railed against the citizens who have not respected the quarantine.

“We will evaluate the citizen’s commitment by the 30 of April, if we can keep efficiency above 50% we will be able to maintain a voluntary and distinct from the measures of isolation,” he said in a message posted on your social networks.

Officially, the measures of social isolation are enacted up to the 30th of April, but the new forecasts infections of Covd-19 they could extend the measure, however, no authority has been clear in that sense.

The representative from jalisco criticized those who have gone out of the city and to those who have created agglomerations in some markets.

“We have been witnesses or protagonists of scenes as crowds in the market of the sea this Thursday, or some of the departures road at the start of holy week, saturated with vehicles, that should be a serious wake-up call for all. No more! What we have done well but we have to do better. We don’t want to take any coercive measures or impose sanctions on those who do not comply with their responsibility, but we do not tremble the hand to do it,” he said.

It is very important that you watch this video from beginning to end to understand where we stand and what next to face…

Posted by Enrique Alfaro Ramírez in Saturday, 11 April 2020

According to the data of the University of Guadalajara based on Alfaro to make these decisions, since 20 march, when it began the voluntary confinement in the state of Jalisco, the measure has had an effectiveness of 54%, which has led to slow down the speed of contagion in the institution with respect to what happens in other entities.

“On the 20th of march rates (cases per 100 thousand inhabitants) were almost equal: 0.34 for the capital of the country, and 0.33 for our state; today, the rate of Mexico City is 10.07 cases for every 100 thousand inhabitants, while in Jalisco our rate is 1.65 cases,” he said.

The governor said that the worst of the pandemic is coming, and acknowledged that the government will not be able to support all those who require help before the financial crisis caused by this situation, nor be able to handle all that sick.

“We’re going to live dark days, we are going to lose lives and we will suffer the effects of the economy collapsed, that is the reality (…) with the deepest pain I tell them that we will not be able to save everyone or help everyone, but at the end of the road we will feel proud to have done all that we could, we’re not going to fail, we’re going to move forward,” he concluded.


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