Coronavirus: Hilary Duff outraged with milennials for failing to comply with quarantine | COVID-19 | USA | united States | the USA | Twitter | Instagram Trends


After the rapid spread of the COVID-19, the authorities in several countries have ordered the social isolation; however, this measure does not come to be accepted by some young people who still attend meetings amicales and even public holidays

Therefore, Hilary Duff shared a video in which he expressed his discontent. The message is addressed to all the “millennials”, that is to say, people born between 1985 and 1997 and was shared initially in their Stories of Instagram, but then viralizó on Twitter.

“To all of you, millennials idiots that continue to go to parties, go home and stop killing people over, please”, said the actress after seeing people, especially the young, that does not listen to the recommendations of staying at home.

The clip of the protagonist of the famous series “Lizzie McGuire” has been viralizado in social networks and many users have given their support and joined the order of the artist.

“She’s right, this generation has no mercy”, “Thanks Hilary, please don’t go out into the street, stay at home”, are some comments that can be read on Twitter.

It should be noted that there are many celebrities who have decided to raise awareness among the population to comply with the provisions officers to control the coronavirus, as it has expanded rapidly in various parts of the world and is taking many lives, especially of people of the third age.