Coronavirus: how the BCG vaccine works against the COVID-19?


During the first quarter of the year there have been several studies to develop a vaccine and be able to fight coronavirus (COVID-19); however, have not been discarded vaccines already discovered, as a possible solution to the problem for this reason has been referred to the BCG vaccine, which is used to protect people from tb, and gives as a protection against other infections.

Until the moment there is not treatment validated by scientific evidence, or health care record to treat the coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 that is causing the pandemic of COVID-19. Some that have been mentioned, they are for treatments for other diseases, infectious, for example. Until the 2nd of April 2020 there is a medication that is recognized to treat the coronavirus,” said Hugo Lopez-Gatell Ramirez, deputy Secretary of Prevention and Promotion of Health at a press conference.

Everything seems to indicate that to be able to control the infections and deaths by COVID-19, you need to perform several studieswhose results you can see in the following months, so tests are being carried out with BCG vaccination, to know whether to protect people against the virus, because they apparently could limit the severity of symptoms, decrease the risks

The BCG vaccine is the oldest and it was first used in 1921use , protects children from respiratory diseases, prevents infections by nontuberculous mycobacteria, such as leprosy and is used in the treatment against bladder cancer.

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