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America has one foot in the phase two of the pandemic and the other in phase three. With more than 150,000 hiv infections, the united States added thousands of new cases every day. The country has more than 3,000 dead, thus becoming the hotspot of the pandemic at the global level. The north and south of its borders, the pace of contagion remains low. Both Mexico and Canada become immersed in the phase of the transmission local, but the growth of the infections still do not reach the level of the united States.

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In Mexico, the Government raised the tone this weekend, calling on the population to stay home unless there is no other option than to leave. This Monday, the Executive has extended the suspension of non-essential activities until 30 April, including the private sector.

In South america, Brazil is attracting the attention of the rest of the continent. This Monday, the OECD has been asked by the president, Jair Bolsonaro, adoption of containment measures in the country. Until now, Bolsonaro has resisted doing so. This weekend it transpired that the Army had been approached by his vice-president, Hamilton Mourão, to inform him that he has the support of the Armed Forces if Bolsonaro were to leave his post. In Chile and Ecuador, the spread increases faster each time, the first at the border of the 2,500 cases and the second in the of the 2,000. A good part of the countries of the region are living under some kind of quarantine or curfew.

At the global level more than 750,000 people have been infected of the Covid-19 all over the world. We have registered more than 37,000 deaths and the recovery of over 164,000 patients. Then, the most relevant news items on the pandemic in America. If you can not see the live narration, click here.

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