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The united states is already the global center of the pandemic Covid-19. The virus thrives with the country, which has exceeded the number of hiv infections in China, with more than 121.000, and has doubled in two days death toll: over 2,000. The World Health Organization already announced this possibility earlier in the week, which is now concrete. In the rest of the continent, Canada and Brazil concentrate the majority of cases of Covid-19, followed by Ecuador and Chile. In these four countries the growth of the infection is accelerated, especially the case for Brazil (111 dead) and Ecuador (41 dead).


In Mexico and Argentina, the curve of the infection starts to lean in, seeking the vertical. Mexico has already announced 132 new infections, reaching 717. This increase is the highest since the start of the crisis. The Government of López Obrador, one of the least measures have been adopted in the region, has recommended to the population to “stay at home”, after taking a week of criticism for having asked you not “exagerara” with the pandemic.

In Colombia, the Government acknowledged an error in the detection of new cases from Wednesday to Thursday. It seems that the speed of diagnosis will be slower than expected.

At the global level, more than half a million people have been infected of the Covid-19 all over the world. We have registered more than 23,000 deaths and the recovery of over 122 000 patients. Then, the most relevant news items on the pandemic in America. If you can not see the live narration, click here.

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