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America concentrates 40% of the global pandemic in the face of Europe that builds up over 52%. However, the daily gain is faster here, almost even in both parts of the world. The united states has passed this Monday, the 10,000 deaths, and is the hotspot of the continent, while in Latin America, Brazil, with 553 deaths, accumulates the greatest number of cases. The policy implications also cimbran Bolivia or Ecuador, following the scandal of the dead bodies in the street that hits the image of Lenin Moreno.

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In Mexico the number of deaths has risen to 125 confirmed cases to 2.439. In the country remains a partial enclosure, and voluntary – with shops closed – until April 30. In the border States such as Baja California, Nuevo León, or Tamaulipas live in fear of the increase of cases in the united STATES and the authorities have asked their migrants “don’t come in Holy Week”. In countries such as Peru, Panama or Bolivia, the quarantine is more stringent and governments grapple with the sanitary contingency and the fear of protests or looting. In the world, 1.3 million people have been infected, over 74,000 have died and to 275,000 have been cured, according to the Johns Hopkins University. If you can not see the live narration, click here.

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