Coronavirus in CDMX: these are the seven makeshift hospitals that will house patients suspected and convalescent


Before the resurgence of infected that were positive for the Covid-19the City of Mexico prepares the opening of seven hospitals temporary that will house suspected of coronavirus and convalescent.

During a video-press conference, the head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, the secretary of public works and services, Jesus Esteban Medina, as well as the Secretary of Health, Olivia Lopez Arellano, got to know the name of the hospitals that will be converted through units hospitarias temporary to serve patients of coronavirus.

Esteban Medina he explained that in total, there are seven hospitals which will be repurposed and will have facilities for the care of the sick.

The first five sites that have already finished are:

While those who still are not ready are:

He stressed that the equipment and personnel of each of the spaces is different and will depend on the number of infected arrive to each unit.

Up to the time they are 45 beds at the Hospital General de Tlahuac; 90 in the Belisario Domínguez and 60 in the Juan Ramon of the Source.

The facilities will have:

It also reiterated that up to now have at least 195 beds, which will be placed in the temporary spaces and to the side of the hospitals that are going to devote to Covid-19.

For the creation and distribution of the facilities, we worked in coordination with the Secretariat of Health and infectologists, who determined the inputs required, as well as the number of collaborators that should hire. They are created with special floors and walls are of pvc.

What is the purpose of the areas of filter?

“The expansion of beds have the purpose of hospitalization of nursing, that is to say, are people who were already interned and that were probably in intensive therapy, but have already exceeded the acute, difficult, critical. Can now move to the general area,” explained Olivia Lopez Arellano.

It also revealed what is the function of places of care to patients and why you should pass by that place.

These areas of triage or filter are designed for people with symptoms of acute and with the purpose of downloading the hospital and do a kind of isolation that come out there which could be compatible with Covid”.

He added that in these spaces will be reviewed to all those who submitted symptoms such as: fever, soreness of the throat, among others, and in this regard, it will be determined if it is internal to the person, or goes to his house.

In terms of the state of emergency was declared a couple of days in the country, since up until now add up to 1,215 cases and 29 deaths, Claudia Sheinbaum he congratulated the citizenship that has made the house stay in their homes.

“To tell you that today the city had the lowest movementthere was a cooperation very large for all of us to stay at home”.

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