Coronavirus in CDMX: what’s included in the kit that the government shall give to patients suspected


The government of the City of Mexico and the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) reported that as of this Monday delivered medical kits patients suspected of coronavirus.

The medical package includes:

At a press conference, Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of the CDMXsaid that the medical package will be delivered by the brigades directly to your home of those who are suspected carriers of the virus. Even, said the governor, who, without having been evaluated by a laboratory test, have been identified with high risk of contagion through the evaluation by sending a text message with the word “covid-19” to 55515.

The purpose of the delivery of these kits is that las people suspected of having coronavirus avoid contact with other inhabitants of the city. “The idea is that many people who do not know they have COVID-19 they are not infecting or not infecting. What we want is that those people who are beginning to have those symptoms stay home and we want to protect all of house” said Claudia Sheinbaum in a press conference.

The delivery of the kits will be made by the government of Mexico City to those people who are not affiliated to the IMSS. On the other hand, for the capital that they have social securitythis will be the institution that give the appropriate package.

On the other hand, Mauricio Hernandez Avila, director of Benefits Economic and Social of the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Socialexplained that people with symptoms should remain isolated and be subjected to the measures of hygiene as the uses of face cloths to avoid spreading it to your loved ones.

The official added that the 30% of cases in Italy, the United Kingdom and the united States were within the households. “Nothing more is to break the chain of transmission that occurs in the public transport, but also the chain of transmission that is given with our loved ones“said Hernández Ávila.

The government in the capital city will deliver 5,000 medical kits to the sanitary contingency that is currently registered 993 people were infected and 20 deaths in Mexico. In the meantime, will continue the rate-limiting tests for people who not have any chronic disease, are not of the third age or not have had contact with someone who came from outside the country.

In addition, the governor’s capital noted that the system of detection of the coronavirus will continue to operate and that up until now have been reported to request information through SMS or via locatelat least 210 thousand users.

In the phase 2 have been resolved 15 thousand questionnaires about the possible spread of coronavirusof which have been confirmed 42 with symptoms and only have been required ambulance transportation of a person.

On the night of last Tuesday, the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatellhe requested the citizens to take into account the provisions of the government to stop the speed of transmission of the virus. He pointed out that this was the last chance of the country not to shoot the spread of the disease, collapse and hospital systems.

The government official, who has reported every detail of the progress of the disease in the country, asked the people stay in their homes. Lopez-Gatell said:

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