Coronavirus in Coahuila. Nurse with Covid-19 gives birth to a baby in Monclova


By cesarean Gabriela, a nurse at the Social Security Monclovainfected of the coronavirus gave birth to her baby in Saltillo, both of which were reported this evening, as delicate, because the mother suffered from preeclampsia.

This condition is due to severe complications in the pregnancy due to high blood pressure and is the leading cause of maternal death.

The young man is hospitalized, from the Thursday late-night at the clinic 2 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in this city, where on Friday a team of specialists performed the operation.

This would be the first birth in advance of a baby of a mother with Covid-19 that is recorded in Coahuila and, apparently in the country.

The child is reported in the area of Intensive care of Infants in another clinic, where he was rushed.

Gaby, who was barely eight-months and days of gestation, is married to a doctor, both, as he knew, working in the General Hospital of Zone HGZ # 7 of the IMSS in Monclova, both the husband and the immediate family members are isolated because they may have been infected by the virus.

Family of Gaby asked in social networks to the netizens to pray for mother and child.

As is known in the HGZ # 7 of Monclova showed the coronavirus outbreak that caused the death of a doctor of emergency and infected close to 40 doctors, nurses and staff of the hospital.

At the close of the report night the ministry of Health reported a new confirmed case is a 57-year old woman from Cuatro Ciénegas, bringing the total to 71-infected individuals in Coahuila.

Are 45 cases in Monclova; Saltillo 13; Tower 8; Piedras Negras 2; Coined 1; Nueva Rosita, municipality of San Juan de Sabinas 1 and Four Ciéngas 1. Hospitalized 9 and three deceased.


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