Coronavirus in Ecuador: the woman of 74 years who were dead, but was alive


Hospital Los Ceibos in Guayaquil, Ecuador

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The pandemic has caused chaos in the hospitals of Guayaquil, where the alleged victim.

An ecuadorian 74-year-old who had been reported dead by the coronavirus was found alive in a case of mistaken identity, which gives an account of the chaos that reigns in the south american country because of the pandemic of covid-19.

To the family of Alba Maruri told of his death last month and this was decided to cremate what he said were his remains immediately.

But that Maruri in reality, she was alive it was discovered on Thursday when the woman woke up from a coma of three weeks and asked the doctors at the hospital in Guayanquil where he was admitted please call your sister.

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His family is thrilled with the news, and the hospital apologised for the confusion.

But now it is not clear who are the ashes you have in your home.

Ecuador has been hit hard by the pandemic: official figures speak of more than 22,000 cases and nearly 600 deaths, but the authorities have admitted that the actual number of victims is likely to be several times mayor.

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And Mrs. Maruri lives in the city of Guayaquil, the epicentre of the outbreak of Covid-19 in the south american country.

In chaos

According to the reports of the local press, Ms. Maruri was admitted in the hospital Abel Gilbert Ponton in Guayaquil in march, with high fever and respiratory difficulties.

On the 27th of that month his family were notified of his death and also showed them a corpse in the morgue of the hospital, but had to keep his distance because of the fear of contagion.

The nephew of Maruri, Jaime Morla, told hospital officials that he thought was his aunt.

“I was afraid to see his face”, he told AFP.

“I was a metre and a half away. I had the same hair, same skin tone,” explained Morla.

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The body was cremated and the ashes sent to the family.

But last Thursday the true Dawn Maruri regained consciousness and he said to the amazed medical your name. It also gave them the phone number of his house and asked his sister, Aura, who the to pick it up.

A team from the hospital visited the family home to apologize and explained that the hospital had been in chaos at that time due to the number of new cases and deaths from coronavirus.

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“A miracle”

“It’s a miracle. For almost a month we thought that she was dead. Just imagine,” said Aura. “And now I have the ashes of another person.”

The family says they want the authorities to lands to compensate for the confusion and yousbe reimbursed the cost of the cremation.

To Maruri also had to buy a new mattress because his family had thrown away the old.

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