Coronavirus in Europe: according to the WHO, if 95% wore a chinstrap, thousands of lives would be saved

The executive director of the European office of the World Health Organization (WHO), Robb Butler, stated that If 95 percent of the continent’s citizens wore a chinstrap, 160,000 lives could be saved amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Only 48 percent of the inhabitants of the European region wear masks. When this indicator increases – if that happens – the cases of infection and mortality will be reduced “, said the specialist interviewed by Sky News.

Specifically, “160,000 lives could be saved if 95 percent of the population used the mask,” Butler warned.

In another order, the specialist said that 45 to 47 percent of the population of European countries have not received the vaccine until now against the coronavirus.

“Let me say very clearly: the majority of people who are cared for in intensive care units today were not vaccinated“he added, quoted by the Sputnik news agency.

The head of the WHO European office, Hans Kluge, had previously stated that more than 500,000 people could die in the European region from covid-19 by February 2022 if the required level of vaccination is not achieved and people continue to despise the call to wear the chinstrap, as published Télam.

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