Coronavirus in Jalisco: these are the new supports announced by the government


The government of Jalisco on Monday announced a package of supports they will provide, along with the society, and the private sector, the most vulnerable population to address the epidemic of coronavirus that is shaking the country since late February.

The governor of the entity, Enrique Alfaropresented next to a group of business professionals, the flagship program of the initiative ” Together for employment and the economy of the state, “Jalisco without Hunger”, that will allow 400,000 people to st fed as it passes by the contingency.

In addition, he indicated, was made available a bag of 1,000 million pesos, of which 450 million will serve in a first moment to support micro and small entrepreneurs facing a difficult situation. “The main goal is that you are not close to sources of employment,” said Alfaro.

In addition, another 400 million will be used to support, with 5,000 pesos a month, to those people who lost their jobs during the health emergency, or those who work in the informal sector.

The program of support to medium-sized enterprises for its part, you will have a starter pack of 90 million pesos with loans to prime rate said, Alfaro. “We will continue doing what we can,” he said.

Finally, the governor also said that there will be cash support for women of the home, with a bag of 83 million pesos, and another that will support quota for food and medicine by 30 million pesos.

And is that in March, the first so complete that the country went through with the presence of the coronavirus in the national territory, lost a little over 6,000 formal jobs in Jaliscoin accordance with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

The main program launched this Monday, to fight hunger, said Alfaro, will be different in the sense that the Private Initiative made the call and the state government will build “with everything that has” for greater impact and territorial scope.

“If entrepreneurs see that we are organized and there is transparency in the use of resources that there is effectiveness to reach out to the needy, what we’re going to live is an experience that leaves us lessons interesting for what is to come”, stressed the governor of Jalisco.

For “Jalisco without hunger,” said Alfaro, there is little more than 392 million pesos. “We cannot do alone, we need to close ranks and send a message of unity and solidarity to those who have less, we will enter the most difficult stage (of the epidemic),” he said.

To do this, these new forms of social organization will face difficulties, unpublished. “Of course before there were poverty and hunger, but the challenges of the next few months do not know, it is not easy to maintain a stagnant economy”, he added.

In the project, it has referred to the delivery of food pantries, but also of prepared food. According to the politician, will be used 51.2 million pesos to do, which be prepared for 16,000 dishes daily for 90 days.

Between the pantries, will be delivered in four types: one for families with vulnerabilities food; another to people care a priority; one more for older adults who are enrolled in state programs; and one for older adults that are not registered in any program.

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