Coronavirus in Mexico: 233 dead and 3844 infected by Covid-19


Mexico city.- Today, Saturday, took place the conference routine of the Secretariat of Health in Mexico, for ahonar on the status of the coronavirus in Mexico, partiendoo of the past, and the measures that are still used to slow its progress.

As exporistor of the data, the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion Hugo López Gatell commented, with some concern, that the negative figures in the country were translated currently on 233 dead, and 3844 infected.

Dr. Gatell was was heard by journalists and media personnel to cross-check the outbreaks and irregularities in the health system, as well as the mitigation strategies of the virus.

The day Friday, April 9, the figures stood at a total of 3 thousand 441 infected and 194 deaths, and as an imperative, the states of CDMX, and Sinaloa, were the critical areas with more cases of the virus at the national level, but now the state of Chiapas is the second most incidence.


López Gatell stressed that even before the entry of phase 3 of infection in the country was important to keep the insulation in the home, but in social networks, a small group of the population not to comply with the measures.

In the world there are already more than 100 thousand dead by the illness as a result of the virus, in addition to the total confirmed cases of COVID-19 amounts to about 1,600,000, with a few now 365.000 recovered, according to the Johns Hopkins University.


In the recapitulation, after 83 days were recorded 50,000 deaths and only eight days later the number rose to 100,000.

The presidents also can die

This shows that the figure has accelerated to a daily rate of between 6% and 10% during the last week, and only Thursday reported nearly 7,300 deaths around the world.

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