Coronavirus in Mexico: Adán Augusto López, the governor of Tabasco, gave positive COVID-19


Adán Augusto Lópezthe governor of Tabasco, reported that the test that is practical to detect the COVD-19 yielded positive results.

This was the second governor of mexican infected in less than 24 hours. Omar Fayad, governor of the state of Hidalgo, reported Saturday that it had also tested positive to a test for coronavirus. Both confirmed that they will be kept in quarantine and under observation.

Augusto Lopez confirmed on his Twitter account the results that had given him the test: “Good morning, I inform you that yesterday I did the test COVID19 and I have just been notified that the outcome is positive. From this moment I will be at home in quarantine and observation. From here we will continue to work for that Tabasco can overcome this crisis”.

In Tabascothe Secretariat of Health confirmed six new caseswith the number of infections grew from 21 to 27.

Eight patients (three women and five men) were hospitalized for respiratory illness compatible with the Covid-19, three of them seriously, and five delicate, while the rest have only presented mild symptoms and are safe in their homes, under monitoring of the ministry of Health.

Fayad, one of the agents that it has implemented several actions to combat the pandemic, and that was infected too, he accompanied the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador during the conference the morning of march 18; that is to say, only 12 days.

Among the actions made by the governor in the state of Hidalgo are the install a hospital inflatable to treat the patients with coronavirus. Located in the city of Pachuca, the sanatorium has areas of intensive therapy, intermediate care and observation.

Also the government of this entity has installed thermal cameras at the points of greatest influx of people, as the central bus Pachuca and the Tuzobús, Integrated System of Mass Transport Hidalgo. This with the purpose of identify suspicious cases and proceed according to the medical protocols.

Also, this Friday, Fayyad announced the first death by Covid-19 in the entity. The victim is a man of 46 years who arrived at a hospital in Pachuca last march 15.

In Mexico, the number of cases of people infected by Covid-19 increased to 848, at the time that the number of fatal victims reached 18there are 2,623 patients suspects and 4,341 cases were negative.

The increase in confirmed cases represents 131 more than the previous daywhen there were 717 and a increase of 182%.

Three of the last three deaths occurred in the City of Mexico, so that in the capital of the country, now totalling seven fatalities; the state of Jalisco, three; San Luis Potosi, two; Durango, a; Hidalgo, a; Michoacán, a; Quintana Roo, a; Morelos, a; and Querétaro, a. These last two entities released their cases for the last few hours, through the social network Twitter.

There are currently 27 states of the Mexican Republic with at least a positive case of coronavirus, four with over 50 and only one with more than 101 cases.

57 % are male and 43% are female. Of the total cases, 88 % are outpatient and the 12 % have had to be hospitalized. Of these, 67% are stable, 28% have the quality of bass and the 5% are tube.

According to the ministry of Health, so far, one out of every 10 cases (10%), have been community due to the lack of background information and the young people in productive age are the most affected group, that is to say, with more confirmed cases, since most of the deaths have been presented in older adults.

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