Coronavirus in Mexico: confirmed the death of three workers of the IMSS by COVID-19


Eduardo Robles, head of the Health Unit of the Work of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), confirmed the unfortunate death of three workers in the health sector because of the COVID-19.

The news was disseminated during the press conference that reports on the progress daily coronavirus in Mexico this Tuesday 31st march.

The meeting, headed by Hugo López-Gattel, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, had multiple informational purposes. One of the most prominent was the confirmation of the death of these workers from the mexican State.

Of the three cases we investigate the how they were infected. However, he added that up to now it has not been able to verify that they have contracted the disease for occupational exposure of their work doctor.

Robles explained that one of the deceased was taken ill “by a family member who was abroad. Another, through an exhibition that was not occupational within the institute itself and the other was a worker who was already retired, who was already out of the work of the institute; (that is to say) not had an employment relationship; therefore, the source of infection was outside of the facilities”.

In the same way, the Secretariat of Health reported that the development of coronavirus in Mexico has not been stopped. Today warned of a dead man more, now totalling 29; also, what did they do with the confirmed cases, which now came to thousand 215. Also under observation to 3 thousand 511 cases and already ruled out 6 thousand 282.

58% of the confirmed cases in Mexico has been registered in men and 42% in women. They also reported that minors do not have represented an important group for the transmission and presentation of cases. From the age of 24 will begin the largest number of casesbeing the groups from 30 to 34 and 40 to 44 years where the highest numbers. The youngest patient is 0 years old and the oldest is 88, with a median of 42 years.

As a new measure to alleviate the outbreaks of the COVID-19 in Mexico, the Social security will implement the new Prescription program Resurtibles, which seeks to reduce the risk of contagion to prevent the level of exposure to vulnerable people.

The Secretariat of Health (SSa) and IMSS had pointed out that people with chronic diseases, pregnant women, and people of the third age , part of belonging to the demographic most susceptible to the new coronavirus, also agree that come constantly to the medical units of family for that, through consultation, they renew their prescription, and they can continue with their treatment.

Now, with this measure, will be given a prescription that will be resurtible during a period average of three to four months. This, with the idea that these people entrust a friend or family member who is not vulnerable to the virus so that they can go to the pharmacy of the IMSS and dispense the drugs prescribed by the doctor of the health institution.

This measure reinforces the National day of Healthy Distance to protect the inhabitants most fragile of the mexican population.

At the global level, the COVID-19 has left a trail of 823 thousand cases, with an approximate 41 thousand dead, where the country with the most casesaccording to official figures, is the united Stateswith a record of 184 thousand 183 cases and 3 thousand 721 deaths. However, the nation with the most recorded deaths is Italy, with 12 thousand 428this despite the fact that its number of confirmed cases is lower than that of the US, as the european country has an official record of 105 thousand 792 cases.

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