Coronavirus in Mexico. Cuba sends to Mexico 10 doctors to combat the Covid-19


A group of cuban doctors arrived in Mexico to exchange points of view with the health authorities in the country, with what that they can meet the health emergency by the coronavirus Covid-19.

Government sources confirmed that the physicians are already in national territory and do not arrived to attend to patients directly.

The work that the cuban doctors will develop will be focused on sharing experiences to address health emergencies and that this can be put into practice by mexican authorities.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recently warned that if necessary, the federal government would be requested to Cuba, the sending of nurses and physicians in intensive therapy.

He explained that there has already been talks, and the request could be staged, if required.

Cuba has already sent doctors and nurses to assist the region of Lombardy in Italy, which has been severely hit by the spread of the Covid-19.

In addition, there are already cuban doctors working in this moment to address the health emergency in Venezuela, Suriname, Grenada and Nicaragua, among others.

According to the cuban government, are 31 nations that currently receive support from cuban doctors.

In the case of Mexico, the support is part of the agenda of cooperation that exists between the two nations.

In addition, through the Mexican Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AMEXCID), already has an agenda and programs to address this public health emergency, the Covid-19, the exchange of cooperation with countries such as China, Argentina, Canada and France.

For his part, the director of Epidemiology of the island, Francisco Duran, said that they traveled to Mexico “10 partners for health”, but without specifying the exact destination of these or their specialties.

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Mexicothe next door neighbor Latin america’s largest Cuba, was one of the few friendly governments that in these years was not part of the programmes of cooperation of medical specialists that the island has with dozens of other countries and that the united States sought to discredit at all costs.

The Pan american Health Organization reported Tuesday that the peak of the disease could reach the region in a period of three to six weeks, so that countries must strengthen their measures.

In Latin america and the Caribbean there are more than 33 thousand 500 infected and have died more than a thousand 200 people.

In Cuba, health authorities, for their part reported that the cases of Covid-19 on the island came to 396 on Tuesday of which died, 11 people –two the day before, including an old woman of 101 years old–. Among the infected is also a baby 55 days old.

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