Coronavirus in Mexico. Give workshops and certificate programs to teachers in contingency


From Monday 30 of march, the Secretariat of Public Education will launch a programme of training and update, through the internet, for the teachers of the National System of Education in full health emergency por coronavirus.

“Those interested will be able to access certificate courses, courses in mass and microcursos open online, in addition to lectures and other resources from different strategic partners”, pointed to the SEP in a press release.

This content will be available in the page of the internet Education Television (

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Among the graduates, who will be in this platform is the technological Mediation of learning; Development of digital strategies of learning, and Management of virtual learning environments.

These courses will be provided with certification from the Directorate General of Accreditation, Incorporation and Revalidation (DGAIR) SEP.

The dependence explained that with this action, framed in the journey of healthy distance from the federal government, require all teachers to stay up to date on the pedagogical approach.

“These actions are aligned with the second principal axis of the Digital Agenda of Educational dependency, which promotes the formation and training of teachers, teachers, figures educational and normalistas in skills for the use of the technologies of information, communication, knowledge and learning (digital TICCAD), and thus strengthen the teaching and learning processes for the benefit of children, adolescents and young people”.

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