Coronavirus in Mexico. Government sends plane to rescue mexicans in Cuba


A airplane Boeing B-737 aircraft of the Mexican Air Force (FAM) took off this Saturday from the International Airport of Mexico City with destination to Havana, Cubato return our country to a group of mexicans stranded in the islanddue to the contingency that prevails in the world by the pandemic Covid-19.

Military authorities reported that they have planned to return today to the mexican capital, and that as part of the collaboration between the two nations, the aircraft of the mexican Army moved to 49 cuban citizens (19 men, 30 women, including 3 infants), to The Havana, who were in Mexico and wished to return to his country.

Noting that air travel was under controls and sanitary measures of relevant international, carrying the entire crew protective suits Tyvek special high density to avoid contamination.

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Also, they pointed out, that the transfer is coordinated and conducted by representatives of the Secretariat of Foreign Relations, a cell of the Health service and Military, on board of the aircraft.

As part of the policy of support of the government of Mexico to our fellow-countrymen, the Mexican Air Force (FAM) enlists two aircraft that will be shipped to Argentina where there are also mexicans stranded.

Still no date defined, but it could come out next week, as the mexican authorities are working with the argentine government to it as soon as possible, noted military authorities.

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