Coronavirus in Mexico: in only three weeks were lost 346,878 jobs


The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on Wednesday asked the country’s enterprises to keep their jobs to their workers for the duration of the emergency by the coronavirus, to note that, in the last few weeks, have been fired almost 350,000 employees.

According to data presented during the conference daily newspaper of the ruler, between 13 march and 6 April have been lost 346,878 jobs. López Obrador, known by his acronym ” AMLO, he added, have been the medium and large companies that have laid off more workers.

“Small businesses, micro-enterprises, are resisting the crisis and these small business owners are acting in a very responsible, heroic, because they are the ones who are caring for more employment of its workers”, he said.

“Big companies, not all of them since then, laid off their workers. We are in time to make a call that is respectful to those who are doing this, to rectify”added.

Two out of every three sick days, the 66%, have occurred in companies with 251 or more employees, so they are considered as large, reported Luisa María Mayor, secretary of Labor and Social welfare (STPS), specifying that 25% of the total occurred in companies with more than 1,000 employees.

The entities with major loss of employment, added Mayor, are Quintana Roo, Mexico City, Nuevo León, Jalisco, State of Mexico and Tamaulipas, which together recorded 56% of the total layoffs, 193,000.

Of the total number of sick days, 148,845 occurred in the first six days of April, which shows that the phenomenon has worsened since the march 30 was declared a public health emergency by coronavirusthat involves stopping non-essential activities of all sectors.

Without detailed legal mechanisms, the secretary asked the employers to reconsider with the argument that does not justify the dismissal or the low-wage workers during the crisis of COVID-19, which has caused at the time 141 dead and 2,785 infections.

“There is No legal basis to address this emergency to separate workers, or to dismiss them and the calling that we do, especially for these companies is to reconsider. We believe that it is a crucial moment of solidarity“, he said.

In Mexico, 20 million 613,536 of people were affiliated to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) until 29 Februaryone of the main indicators to measure the formal employment of the private sector in the country.

With the recent low, in the height of an emergency, 216,102 people have lost access to health services for not complying with the requirement of eight weeks of contributions, presented this Wednesday the owner of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo.

Although 70% of the public servants, affiliated to the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), are in the house, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has stated there are no casualties in the federal Government.


To the pan, López Obrador emphasized the resistance of the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (msmes), that add up to almost three-quarters of formal employment and more than half of the GDP.

“Are acting in a very responsible, heroic, because they are the ones who are caring for more employment, of its employees. It is where there has been less firing”, said.

Therefore, it reiterated its offer of a million credits to small businesses for a total of 25,000 million pesos (more than USD 1,000 million), of which half would go to economic units informal.

For their distribution, which begins on may 4, announced that he spoke with Ana Botín, president banco Santander; Carlos Hank rhon, president of Banorte, and Ricardo Salinas, founder of Banco Azteca, who agreed to participate, without the payment of commissions.

This week, the president met with the major employers in the country after its reactivation plan, which launched the Sunday out harshly criticized.

Until the time, Mexico reported 2,785 infected and 141 deaths due to the coronavirus, an outbreak in China at the end of last year, which has spread quickly around the world.

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