Coronavirus in Mexico: the 12 deceased suffered from diabetes, hypertension or smoking


The number of dead shoots every day in the country, because until the early hours of Saturday 28 march, totaling 717 cases positive Covid-19 and 12 dead. In addition 2,474 suspects and 3,542 negative.

With a speed that is rampant is how the virus is spread by more than 180 countries and has claimed the lives of thousands of people to your step. In Mexico, his first victim was recorded the 19th of marchhe was a man of only 41 years of age, suffered from diabetes, had attended days earlier to a concert in the City of Mexico and his wife stated that he had not made any trip abroad, so that their transmission was listed as local.

The second deceased was a man of 74 years who travelled to America and was treated at the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social Durangoafter giving the positive COVID-19 and by complications of high blood pressure.

The death of a third dead was announced in the state of Jalisco on the 23rd of march, a state which occupies the second place in the box of most infections, as it has 77 cases to date.

That same day, authorities drew attention to the progress of the virus by country and revealed the fourth victim. It was a man of 71-year-old with diabetes.

Mary of 61 years of age, perished for the same reason, the last 24 of march, after a family trip to Spain.

The number six of this list of victims was a man a native of San Luis Potosi, which is transmitted through a person who made a visit to a foreign country. Was 70 years old and suffering from hypertension.

Enrique Alfaro, governor of Jalisco, reported the seventh death in the country the March 26. He was a patient of 55 years and also suffered from hypertension.

Hours later, the state of Quintana Roo announced the death of a person 74 years of age who presented evolution in such ailments as: high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes. Were already eight losses at the national level.

Michoacán given to know that a man of 71 years of age and no history of travel abroad perished in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, but was not registered in the table of national deaths.

According to research, a man of 42 years died in the State of Mexico, but it was not officially announced by the Secretariat of Health Federal.

The pass of the days were falling one after the other. Only the night of Friday, health officials got to know that they were already 12 the dead in the country.

All the victims were admitted to a hospital with coronavirus, but had complications due to diabetes, hypertension, or renal insufficiency.

The map of the states is fully coloured, for there is a only state without confirmed cases of the virus. According to reports from the Ssa, the 57% of cases are men and 43% women.

Of that number, only 11 percent of those confirmed have been hospitalized and 63 percent are sent to their homes, where they are asked to be in strict isolation.

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