Coronavirus in Mexico: the IMSS analyzes grant a bonus to the medical personnel that is add up to the day of recruitment


The Institute of Social Security (IMSS) negotiates with the union will be granted a bonus to the medical staff join the national day of recruitment “Mexico against Covid-19”.

Zoé Robledo, director general of the IMSS, said at a press conference: “We have maintained conversation with the union’s leadership to establish a sort of bonus that you would have to do with a wage increasebut we’re going to be checking in the next few days its rate and its duration. What will most likely be throughout the contingency”.

For now, the dependency evaluates the percentage and categories that are to be taken into account in order to receive the economic stimulus.

The IMSS has talks with the owners of the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) and Institute of Health Welfare (Insabi) to know what will be the strategies to follow in relation with wages, with the end of standardize to the extent possible actions to perform.

The official exemplified the medical specialists working to the institute, on average, perceive the month around 34,755 weights, a general practitioner 26,600 pesos and nurses have a salary of between 14,000 and 16,000 pesos.

In connection with the recruitment of staff to attend to the day of recruitment, Alejandro Svarch Perez, director of International Relations of the Secretariat of Health (SSa), mentioned that “the strategy of the health sector is to go together in the recruitment processbecause we understand that only so we can have the strength that can give us our institutions to summon the doctors who will assist with the management of the pandemic.”

What they will guarantee to the doctors and nurses who sign up to the call of general form are: per diem, to give a score in the exam of medical residencies and one-month advance of salary.

In connection with the last point, Alexander Svarch said that the staff “he had a deep uncertainty, because until three months after they paid. The goal is to remove uncertainty guaranteeing payment in advance”.

In connection with the salaries they are offering the three health institutions are evaluating the amounts at the end of homologarlos to be competitive.

Zoé Robledo added that all of the institutions have features of law, and will be granted to the persons engaged by six months, which includes social security, bonus, vacation, and holiday bonus.

The next April 6 will initiate the hiring of the medical staff and to the 20 of April will be required to cover all squares. For which will need to 6,600 physicians and 12,300 nurses, who will be hired for six months.

“It is recruiting for qualified human resources and, on the other hand, the staff that already work in the health sector will be employed and optimized in a cascade-type model, in which the specialist physician monitors a second line of general practitioners that allows us to handle a greater mass of patients,” said Alexander Svarch Perez, director of International Relations of the SSa,

The staff to be recruited will have trainings sectoral with experts from the three health institutions (IMSS, ISSTE and Insabi).

“The training is sector, courses for the use of personal protective equipment, taught by the best in the country for all institutions. It is a little to replicate the model of groups of specialists who is leading the federal government in this epidemic“, commented the general director of the IMSS.

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