Coronavirus in Mexico: the nightmare is just beginning for the CJNG and The Union Tepito


The lack of channels for the supply of raw materials for the production of fentanyl and other synthetic drugs (from China) is not the only problem that will face the drug cartels during the duration of the crisis by coronavirus.

The pandemic it represents a pressure to the criminal groups as it imposes obstacles that they had not faced before, one of them is that their pillar for trafficking drugthe aircraft, now you can be more detectable than ever before.

A analysis of the organization Insight Crime he points out that the coronavirus became now the great enemy of the mexican cartelsin specific to the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, and for the Union of Tepito. The first because it moves their goods through aircraft and, second, because before the crisis, in China there are no boats that can move drugs or the pirate good that is distributed in all of Mexico City.

“The global lock due to the coronavirus seems to be affecting also to the economies, legal and illegal, but it is likely that the problems of the supply chain of The Union of Tepito and the CJNG are just the beginning” according to the analysis.

Warns that this situation will last several months and will be a true test of fire for the structures of these two criminal organizations, of which at least in the case of the CJNG is known to be weak against an alleged disease of the Mencho and incarceration in the united States of two of their children.

On the other hand, with most of the planes on the ground, the flights that carry the drug are easier to track.

“Like legitimate businesses, large groups like the CJNG, that operate in large areas of the territory and in multiple economies, criminals, will not have a greater capacity to withstand the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus”, warns the organization.

While The Union Tepito has undergone a process of fragmentation in which several of its leaders as Roberto Mollado Esparza, alias “El Betito” have been arrested or killedin addition of that when you operate in a geographical area very definite, at this time has few options to diversify.

According to official documents, since 2010 the Union Tepito is the great conductor of an orchestra of merchants and gangsters that make possible the arrival of products made in China to the premises of the center of the capital of Mexico. One of those cells are The Marcopolos, who do not speak English or mandarin, but who know China as his own hand.

This cell negotiates the fraudulent goods and sends it to you in containers that criss-cross the globe by sea. According to official reports, the products come usually to the tax-free zone of Belize and cross the border south into Mexico, without the seals of the ministry of Finance. Stepping on mexican soil, fill the trailers of the Union Tepito and sent to the capital of the country by land. Everything is unloaded in warehouses and the operation of China-Tepito closes another chapter.

In the last few weeks, the cell criminal has been left without a travel to China, by the confinement that has forced the COVID-19. This has left businesses starved and without alternative routes of supply.

The spokesman of the Agency for Drug U.s. (DEA, for its acronym in English), Katherine Pfaff, assured the weekly River Twelve that they are tracking if the coronavirus outbreak is affecting the illicit drug marketsbut it is still too early to give a broader picture.

“The DEA continues to monitor these things. It will be some time until we have a better idea of if the health emergency has affected or not the drug trafficking,” he said.

However, according to the analysis by Insight Crime, the criminal groups are nothing if you can’t find opportunities in a crisis. In Honduras, after the government closed the borders because of the virus, people traffickers, known as “coyotes”, increased their prices to help people and contraband to enter or leave illegally the country.

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