Coronavirus in Mexico: the Small traders called for the beer to be essential in the health emergency


The National Alliance of Small businesses (ANPEC), warned the Secretariat of Health (SSa) that the shortage of alcoholic beverages in Mexico, especially of beer, can bring consequences contrary expected during the emergency period.

Through a press release, ANPEC made sure that the beer “is an essential product to bear in the best terms the caerentena” established by the SSa after declaring a public health emergency in all of Mexico.

Among the reasons they gave for considering this drink as essential in times of coronavirus, highlights a increase in the monthly balance of up to 40% on small businesses that have the sale of beer, according to a press release issued through the social networks.

Predict, in addition, that of not having supply, there will be “a major drop in income and will lead to thousands of small businesses a point of bankruptcy with the loss of sources of employment, as well as the increase of prices by speculation.” Detailed the chain of jobs generated in this industry reaches 500,000 jobs.

On the other hand, claimed that the consequences of isolation, as well as the daily life together until April 29, causes “states of anxiety, despair, and fears that may lead to episodes of irascibility and intolerance”. By the above, consider that “the consumption of beer in the home operates as a relaxing that helps to cope with on the best of terms with the ordeal”.

They added that the hot season is another important factor to decree as essential to the supply of alcoholic beverages. In the statement detailed that “the majority of the households do not have appliances in the weather or money for excess consumption of electrical energy”. In this context, ensured that the factor of seasonal prevalence becomes essential the consumption of beer as a refreshing drink.

Finally, they considered that the shortage of beer could result in the displacement of people to places where they can buy it, so that they would give him the main objective of the health emergency: stay at home.

In the measures put forward by the Secretariat of Federal Health, highlights the suspension of activities or businesses which are not essential during a public health emergency. The main affected were those dedicated to the industry of night entertainment such as bars, dens, saloons and, since then, the companies or breweries.

In several states of the republic, as Tabaso, Sonora, and Quintana Roo already implemented the dry law until the end of the period of a public health emergency by infections of coronaviruses; that is to say, the 29 of April of 2020.

Whole companies ceased the production of alcoholic beverages as is the case of Grupo Modelo. The mexican company has suspended production operations and marketing on April 5, 2020. Among the brands that will be out-of-market highlights Crown Extra, Crown, Zero, Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Pacifico and Victoria.

In Mexico the number of confirmed cases of patients with COVID-19 is still on the rise. The final cut revealed by the SSa from the National Palace, reports that a total of 2,785 people have given positivewhile 141 died of the disease.

José Luis Alomía, director general of Epidemiology, confirmed, moreover, that there is 7,526 suspected cases in the country, as well as 15,099 negative cases. The total number of people tested so far is 25,410.

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