Coronavirus in Mexico: the three notes that you should read


The COVID-19 continues its passage through Latin America. The mexican authorities reported that they recorded around 3 thousand 844 citizens infected, while the number deaths increased to 233. The General Council of Health predicted that the level of contingency will increase to phase 3 in two weeks.

From Thursday, April 9, the federal government has delivered around 500 thousand tests to detect the coronavirus at different medical institutions. As reported by the daily Reform, they are already in the process of distribution, approximately 300 thousand of these testsso that will be saved around 150 thousand tests for a second stage of distribution.

The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, filed this Wednesday in an estimate of total cases: would be 26,519 across the country, that is to say, eight times more than those who are confirmed. The calculation is performed through the call sentinel surveillance that is also used during the crisis of H1N1 influenza.

Lopez-Gatell said that it is estimated that there are 10 or 12 times more infected than those who have reported the health system in their official figures, giving emphasis to the science-epidemiological it is very difficult to determine an event since there are factors that do not appear and that can be an important trigger of the disease.

As shown by the records and information from health authorities, cases of spread of COVID-19 continue to increase, to which have already warned that there will be a season of a high numbers of infections which will put you in serious trouble in the medical institutions.

Infobae Mexico interviewed the doctor in math, Gustavo Cruz Pacheco, who form part of the Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS) of the UNAM, who gave an approximate date on which you give the great increase cases of contagion in the urban areas of the countrywhich , regardless of the different cities, but they behave in a similar way.

Gather this kind of information would be a step forward to have information that is critical to combat the disease, as for example the know how was the outbreak in the country, the growth in cases of contagion, and even more important, when would be the peak of cases of contagion of the disease and the fall of the pandemic.

The comparative main the pandemic of coronavirus is the disease of H1N1, which took place in 2009, during the sexenio of Felipe Calderón. At that stage, the then secretary of Finance, Agustin Carstens, announced a support of around 13 billion pesos for companies not affected due to economic paralysis caused by the disease.

In comparison, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced Sunday their economic plan for face the crisis generated by the pandemic coronavirus and he said, “it will be an example to the world.” Although until now it has been delivered around 2,100,000 credits to formal and informal workers among other support to population of scarce resources.

For a context, we bring you a comparison between the measures that were taken during both periods of emergency view from the two points of view of both governments: the one supporting to the industry and to entrepreneurs, by spending debts and giving loans to companies; and on the other hand, a government that provides loans and support to the most vulnerable population economically. Two governments are very different.

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