Coronavirus in Mexico: the three notes that you should read


There are already more 4,219 mexicans infected by COVID-19of which have already died at least 273according to the latest report from the Secretariat of Health (Ssa).

The proportion of confirmed cases that have already been recovered is 42%while the 6% has died.

Cases confirmed by evolution they are divided into: 67.43% of outpatient, 10.43% of hospitalized stable, 18.23% of hospitalized serious, and 3.91% of hospitalized intubated.

While the deaths confirmed according to comorbidities are: hypertension (41.03%), diabetes (37.36%), obesity (36.63%), smoking (11.72%), lung disease (8.79%), chronic renal failure (7.69%), cardiovascular disease (6.23%), immunosuppression (4.03%), asthma (2.93%), and HIV or AIDS (0.37%).

Therefore, funeral homes in mexico have detected a increase work up to a 20% to root of the crisis of the coronavirus. While the rise of services is still acceptable to them, at the same time ask that the citizens be prevented to the possible death of some of their loved ones.

Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, secretary of Foreign Affairs, informed that until now have been achieved to return to the country more than 8, 880 mexican that was caught in the other nations in the face of uncertainty by the pandemic COVID-19.

The total number of people who returned just the 10 of April was 97: nine came from the United Arab Emirates, six returned from Japan, five came from Malaysia, and two from south Africa. But direct from Ecuador arrived 45 people, while Miami came 30 more.

However, it is still missing 2,842 compatriots to return. So, this morning departed on a flight for humanitarian of the Mexican Air Force with destination to Argentina. Within this are 123 people of argentine origin, 65 chilean, and 38 uruguayans. Upon their return, the aircraft will return to the national territory with the 160 mexican that are still stranded in South america.

After the united States, Europe it is where they are still more mexicans waiting to be repatriated, as only Spain has 546 mexicanswhile France is 224and Germany has 205. Then follows South america with 171 in Argentina, 167 in Peru, and 125 in Colombia.

The health authorities have declared a number of times that the pregnant women part of the vulnerable population in case of contracting the disease.

But far from what most might think, the reason is not because of the possibility of spreading the product, but the treatments could cause harmful effects the both of you.

“Is not that they have defenses low or can’t defend themselves, but if you give them any disease, whether Covid-19 or not, should be considered in the impact they might have drugs on them and the product as possible malformations or even the interruption of pregnancy”, he noted Infobae Mexico Ariana Canchespecialist in internal medicine

In this sense, when it comes to medical care for pregnant women, each procedure must be different. “Even when it is a simple urinary tract infection, the treatment can not be equal to that of the general population because the search is care for the productespecially in the first two trimesters of pregnancy which are the training and development portion of neuropsicomotriz” he explained.

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