Coronavirus in Mexico: the three notes that you should read


The Secretariat of Health (Ssa) reported Saturday that in Mexico the number of cases of people infected by COVID-19 increased to 7,497while there are 650 fatal victims and 12,369 suspected cases.

The entity most affected by the pandemic remains the Mexico city, with 2,299 cases. Then follow the State of Mexico with 786 and Baja California with 610. In turn, the entities with lower cases are Zacatecas with 27, Durango with 19 and Colima 10.

In regards to the international scene, the global distribution of confirmed cases by region of the World Health organization is a total of 2,160,207 at the global level, 1,108,544 (51%) confirmed cases in the past 14 days, and a fatality rate of global 6.8%.

The region of America already surpassed Europe in the number of cases registered in the last 24 hours, which means that America has an epidemic most active or recent, while in Europe begin to descend the number of cases per day.

The Government of the City of Mexico presented the mobile application Hospitals COVID-19, which shows the availability of the 54 health centers that cater to serious patients of coronavirus in the Metropolitan area of the Valley of Mexico.

The application displays the availability with three colors: the green shown to hospitals that have an occupancy less than the 25%, that is to say, they have a great availability of beds, as well as intubaciones.

Orange, means that the hospital has a saturation media that will 25% to 80%. And redthat is for the hospitals with a saturation of the 80% or more, so there is less chance that a patient can be taken care of.

However, Claudia Sheinbaum explained that this application will be functional if it is used after having done a test in Locatel or the SMS system in the 51515, it is suspected case and with possible gravity.

After this Friday’s communicator Javier Alatorre asked the population “not the case with Hugo López-Gatell (undersecretary of Health)” in your newsletter Facts Nighttransmitted by the chain TV Aztecathe Secretary of the Interior published a press release where he makes a “warning” the tv station about the possible legal consequences of their actions.

“The media are usually strategic to spread the guidelines referred to in the declaration of merit, for containing information for preserve the public health of the and the mexican,” reads the press release.

For his part, the president of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obradorendorsed the decisions taken by Hugo López-Gatell, mentioning that he is a specialist in the management and control of pandemics. In addition is referred to as a “error” the words of the news anchor.

After these releases, Javier Alatorre spoke about it on his official Twitter account. “I recognize the president Andrés Manuel for his permanent defense of democracy and freedom. He better than anyone understands the effort that the mexican families make every day to move forward. We can not allow that the fear is above Mexico”, he wrote.

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