Coronavirus in Mexico: this is how the tunnels sanitizers that fight the COVID-19 in 20 seconds


To combat the infection of coronavirus, have been installed in some parts of the Mexican Republic tunnels or cabins sanitizers to purify and disinfect up to 30 people per minute.

The tunnels have been placed mostly at the entrance of public buildings as well as Palacios Municipal Prosecutors ‘ offices, Hospitals, including markets, all to strengthen prevention measures against the coronavirus.

This preventive measure consists in a tunnel, the interior has a system of nine sprinkler heads that distribute disinfectant nebulizer certified by the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) to avoid contamination of COVID-19.

This technology 100% mexican was implemented by a company in Nuevo Leon, to sanitize to 20 people in a matter of seconds, being General Escobedo the first municipality to install four booths.

Each person you must stay the interior of the tunnel 20 to 30 seconds with the hands up, turn to the inside, bending over and getting up so as to allow the mixture sanitizer to reach the majority of the parts of the body.

In the cameras is fired, a liquid sprayed by nebulizers, which sprayed particles of water to a measure in which they acquired a negative charge on contact with any surface, they attach to the body of the people. The protection lasts for three hours and eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Up until now, have been installed in tunnels, in Monterrey, Jalisco, Hidalgo, Baja California, Yucatan, Tamaulipas and recently State of Mexico and Mexico City.

This measure has been added to the strategies that the authorities of each region have been issued to prevent the spread and the spread of the coronavirus.

In the City of Mexico, have been able to install five cameras of this type, the majority in the mayor’s office Tlalpan.

In an interview with Excélsiorthe director of social communication of Tlalpan, Anheli Aguirre, he pointed out that “the sanitizers were installed in public buildings and the idea is that it is also installed in area hospitals”.

So far they have installed five: Two in the buildings of the mayor’s office, one in the Office of Tlalpan and two more in the area hospitals. Said that in the coming days expect the other five to have a total of 10 devices.

Additional sanitizers installed public laundries of handsabove all the entry places with higher concurrency such as health centers.

Initiatives 100% mexican with Covid-19

In addition devise the tunnels sanitizers, in Mexico, the company XE Medicalcompany medical technology, developed a way of transport infected patients with coronavirusor any other infectious disease, without putting at risk response teams and other medical workers.

The camera it is a capsule sealed plastic and flexible that has a HEPA filter system to keep it inflated.

According to the company, the device it is suitable for use in ambulances, emergency roomsand meeting rooms hospital and allows you to the medical workers treat patients at the time that reduces the possibility of spreading infections

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