Coronavirus in Mexico: two out of every 10 mexicans continues doing his daily routine despite the health emergency


In the second installment of the survey digital on coronavirus, the 23% of mexicans responded that they have not abandoned their daily activities, the 21% stated that had left completely your daily routine and the 56% indicated that it did partially.

De las Heras Demotecnia published on Monday for the second time, the survey that tracks the opinions of the mexicans with regard to the coronavirus, a disease that until the afternoon of this Tuesday has reported the the death of 29 people and the spread of 1,215 patients in the country.

In terms of the activity of the mexicans, the survey pointed out that the 50% of the people has not been to crowded places in the past seven days; however, there is still a 45% that has frequented public spaces for questions necessary. A relevant piece of information, is that the 95% respondents indicated they have not performed a trip in the last weeka fact that has increased with respect to the first delivery, where the 89% indicated not having traveled in the last seven days before the uprising of the questionnaire.

With respect to the actions of hygiene and contingency taken by the population to address the pandemic by COVID-19, 75% of the mexicans interviewed said follow all the action, 5% more in the first delivery.

For the study, De las Heras Demotecnia made 7,733 interviews online effective people over 18 years of age and the date of the uprising was the 23 to march 30.

Before the questioning on the action of the mexican government towards the subject of coronavirus, is reduced by ten percent the response to the assessed as “very bad”as in the first installment of the 42% noted a poor performance while in this last the answer he obtained an incidence of 32%.

According to the perception of gravity on the subject of COVID-19, as reflected in the survey, the 65% of mexicans they believe that it is a serious situation but that is still under controlwhile the 23% thinks that it is “very serious and already out of control”. In addition, the 78% of the participants reported not knowing anyone infected of coronavirus, only two percent less than the report last.

In Mexico, the measures recommended by the federal government have been framed in the National day of Healthy Distance, which sets certain social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the disease. The four axes of the government’s initiative to are the basic measures of prevention, the temporary suspension of non-essential activities, the rescheduling of events of massive concentration and the protection and care of older people.

The evening of last Monday, the government of Mexico, through the General Health councilsaid state of emergency national health for reasons of force majeure. The secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrardread the agreement published in the Official Journal of the Federation and pointed out that will remain in effect until April 30,. This determination is taken to to mitigate the speed of contagion has increased in recent days.

The provisions of the Secretariat of Health the decree noted are those that refer to the immediate suspension of the non-essential activities the 30 of march to 30 of Aprilto the prohibition of meetings or congregations of more than 50 peoplethe shelter house volunteersuch a limitation is mandatory for over 60 years.

Likewise, it is mandatory for the population to respond to indications health such as the frequent washing of handsthe application of respiratory etiquettethe greeting at a distance and all other existing measures.

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