Coronavirus in Mexico: will be able to equip police officers with Background of Public Safety to address the health emergency


The holder of the Executive Secretariat of the National Security System (SESNSP), Leonel Cota Montaño, shared a circular in which it reported that it has been authorized the reprogramming of resources to equip the police of the country with what is required to tackle the pandemic by coronavirus. This same, addressed to the state governors, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, and to the recipients of the Subsidy for the Strengthening of the performance in the area of Public Security (FORTASEG).

This with the goal “that police officers have with the equipment essential to allow them to cope with the situation that our country is experiencing before the declaration of health emergency” by the General Health Council, the past 30 of march

Resources that can be reprogrammed are part of the Programs of National Priority for Social Prevention of Violence and Crime with Citizen Participation, Professionalization, certification and training of police officers. In addition to intended for Evaluation of Control and Confidence for applicants, initial Training and scholarships for applicants in institutions of Public Security.

According to the document, this was done by order of the secretary of Security and Citizen ProtectionAlfonso Durazo Montaño and own president of MexicoAndrés Manuel López Obrador.

The determination was based on the General Criteria for the Administration and Exercise of the Resources Fund Contributions to Public Safety (FASP) in fiscal year 2020, the FORTASEG and in article 8, fraction XVI of the Regulations of the SESNSP. Until the time, there is an agent dead and at least 9 infected of COVID-19 in Mexico

This decision was taken despite the fact that in the first two months of 2020 were registered, 5 thousand 585 homicide victims and 166 of femicide. In addition to the declaration of 2019 as the most violent year in the history of Mexico with over 34 thousand people killed.

Public safety funding that can be reprogrammed include a budget of 11 thousand 443 pesos this year. Seven thousand 443 weights are of the FASP and the other 4 thousand of the FORTASEG, this last is spread among 286 municipalities and mayoralties of the country to cover the costs of a trust control, training, equipment, infrastructure, and crime prevention.

The FASP is oriented to training programs, law enforcement certification, technology, infrastructure and equipment elements of security.

The number of people killed in Mexico by COVID-19, it increased to 194 and to 3 thousand 441 increased cases of infections confirmed in the country, according to health authorities.

In the last 24 hours, the number of deaths increased by 20 and the number of new cases confirmed in 260, that is an increase of 8.17%. Among the dead are two pregnant women. One of them gave birth by caesarean section.

72% of the deaths in Mexico are men and 28 percent women. The average age of the deceased is 57 years old. The authorities pointed out that there are 10 thousand 105 suspected cases, 17 thousand 950 are negative and recorded 31 thousand 496 cases studied.

Of the confirmed cases, 2 thousand 401 (70%) have been mild and a thousand 040 (30%) have required hospitalization.

The under-secretary mexican Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, said that “unfortunately, it is not an epidemic that can be stopped, but you can decrease the transmission of infections”. In addition, he warned that in Mexico “we are about to enter phase 3but there is not exact date”. This phase is the period of maximum transmission, and more cases per day.

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