Coronavirus: internees without vaccines, the new protocol in schools and the third dose

The Minister of Health of Santa Fe, Sonia Martorano, affirmed this Saturday that although “Positive cases of coronavirus are rising, very few need hospitalization.” He pointed out that there are only four patients in intensive care in the province and three of them are people who chose not to get vaccinated.

“We have an average of 53 cases in the last 24 days (this Saturday they were a little less) and there is an advance of the Delta variant in Rosario and the southern region. But very few cases need hospitalization: there are four patients in intensive care (two with Delta) and it must be clarified that three are not vaccinated by choice, ”Martorano said.

The minister considered “extraordinary” that a person inoculated with an anti-covid dose reaches a critical bed. This confirms that within the framework of opening activities and making protocols and capacity more flexible “What is protecting us is vaccination”, he told Radio EME.

Regarding unprotected internees, he analyzed: “There are people who are not getting vaccinated and do not believe. The vaccines we have are all very good and safe ”.

Martorano said that “cases are increasing” although the province continues to have a “good outlook” and in any case it is necessary to “sustain it.” “The pandemic is there and it is not over”, projection.

Third dose

The head of the Health portfolio in Santa Fe pointed out that they analyzed the regrowth registered in the United Kingdom and observed that there they did not vaccinate children under 15 years of age and that they have only now begun to apply third doses.

For this reason, he announced that “we are going to take different measures to be able to change that course” that could be repeated in the region. He stressed that that is why they launched “The vaccination of boys, that our province is one of the best in the country, with a 75% range in the 12 to 17-year-old range and 60% from 3 to 11”. This Sunday it continued with almost 1,500 shifts in Rosario.

“We have been vaccinating with third doses for more than a week and this can make a difference,” he said, adding that this month They will extend this action – which began with the immunosuppressed and over 50 with Sinopharm – to health personnel.

In the future, he anticipated that they plan to sustain a reinforcement scheme that could be annual and be adapted to the existing strain. “The covid virus does not seem to spread, but to mutate, to be more contagious and aggressive. If it remains endemic, it will be necessary to get vaccinated every year like the flu“he compared.

Change of protocol in schools

Martorano announced that They have already sent the “new protocol” to the Nation to work in the schools of Santa Fe faced with a positive case and assured that “the Minister (of Education Adriana) Cantero already has it” to be implemented in the coming days.

He summarized the changes as follows: if there is a suspected case in a school, the group is first isolated and that person is swabbed. If it tests negative, it is released on the third day of isolation. If positive, the group is isolated for ten days (and not 14 as before).

In addition, the course can do another swab on the seventh day and if it is negative it can also be released. Thus, it would be between seven and ten days of protection and not two weeks. “Education already has it to inform and approve,” he said.

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