Coronavirus. Is it safe to have sex in times of Covid-19?


Are a myriad of questions that have arisen in the population around the pandemic Covid-19 and the socks that must be taken to prevent the spread of the disease.

One of the areas that will outweigh the fear and uncertainty by not knowing what to do, is related to the sex life of the people. A sexual relationship involves an intimate approach with the other, an act that in these times it can cause insecurity, because we have been told that we must exercise extreme alienation with those around us.

Therefore, the doctor Julian Alcala, sexologist and academic Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous university of Mexico (UNAM), resolved the doubts around the topic in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, as if there are chances of getting the virus through sex organs external, as well as it is possible to get by means of the mucous membranes -eyes, nose and mouth – and if it is correct to engage in sex during the quarantine.

“If my partner is positive Covid-19 or assume that you can be a carrier, in the sense that it has a symptomology, it sounds unlikely to engage in the intercourse without that there is an exchange of a kiss or the closeness of face to face,” explained Alcala.

“The prudent distance, before a picture is not confirmed of symptoms, does not mean that intimacy is to break or lose its quality of being satisfactory, the relationship can be with a level of protection that minorice kissing and licking,” he said during the interview.

He also explained that, until now, has not been shown in vaginal secretions, or urethral, as is semen, there is a presence of Covid-19, as the infection is through the respiratory tract and not through the genitals.

“The pandemic is not a sexually transmitted infection, therefore, the sexual life desirable it must continue, and it is even good for health, in terms psicoinmunológicos,” said the also a philosopher.

The specialist also highlighted the importance of experiencing a sexual relationship enjoyable, as this will grant peace of mind, minimizing stress and enhancing the feeling of company.

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“Having sex is not a risk factor, on the contrary, it gives people a feeling of being accompanied, to have love, affection, and love, all these emotions, we reinforce immunologically,” explained the sexologist. He recommended that “we can kiss other parts of the body, that is not necessarily the mouth and nose, especially if we know that the other person has a cold or cough”.

About how prudent consider visiting a hotel at the time of the SARS-Cov2opined that he sees no problem, always and when the site is equipped with the hygiene measures, corresponding, as it “never speaks that this is a space of risk (…) would be at risk if in that room there are more than two or three people.”

“It’s much riskier to go to a public place where you go massively the population, but not to have sex, the closeness becomes a place of social recreation in not appropriate for these moments,” said the doctor Alcalá.

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Creativity sexual in times of isolation

About the masturbation, he believes that it is the most reliable method not only in these moments, but it always has been, only we must always keep the hands clean.

He stressed that resorting to masturbation is not to say that there may be brought intimacy with your partner.
“There are many myths around masturbation, one of them, is that it only effected the people who has no partner and is not true”.

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Invited the population to play through “graphic material ies)”, as are videos, photographs, erotic literature, specific blogs that are not limited to narrations, but can be brought live conversations with people, a situation that poses no risk of infection to the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19.

Personal hygiene and sex toys

On the sterilization of the erotic toys, professor of UNAM noted that it should be carried out in the same way that is commonly done, a wash with water and soap.

In addition, he stressed that the use of these utensils should be unique to a person, such as the toothbrush and should not be shared, or given.

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“After use, we wash them and store them until they are re-used, always with the same person, that is very important, despite the fact that it has not been shown to be a source of contagion, the dildo you may be wet at the time of resuming the act, which is dangerous. Should not be shared, is each one”, said the researcher in Ethics and Public Health.

In connection with the intensification of personal hygiene, clarified that the excessive cleaning of the external genitalia can cause infections, especially in the case of women, because there are protective bacteria, known as bacteria Doderlein“that coexist and benefit from living in our body, as we we that we dwell in”.

Vaginal douches are not recommended, as the substances added can kill the bacteria vaginal flora, which facilitates the entry of other bacterial microorganisms, highly infectious.

The specialist mentioned that the products of vaginal wash are for sale for convenience of profitability, the absence of a medical indication for its use.

Recommended that in the presence of urinary tract infections or vaginal type mild can be used to the “baths”, a method of folk medicine and traditional, which uses an approximate amount of 20 litres of water, with two tablespoons of white vinegar. This method is non-invasive in the vaginal walls, noted the specialist.


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