Coronavirus | “is Not a creation of the laboratory”: how a group of scientists managed to prove the natural origin of the virus that causes covid-19


The scientists ruled out totally that the Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes the covid-19, had been created in a laboratory.

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The scientists ruled out totally that the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the covid-19, had been created in a laboratory.

The pandemic of covid-19, which has already left more than a million people affected and more, with 60,000 dead, has transformed the world as we met.

And, perhaps inevitably for their tremendous impact, has fueled a number of conspiracy theories that emerged soon after getting to know the first cases in China in January this year.

The majority of them focuses on two hypotheses: first, that the new coronavirus it was created in a chinese laboratory and spread as a biological weapon against other powers.

And the second, that same virus synthetic had managed to escape, as a result of the negligence of the chinese researchers, and that began to spread through the world.

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Advocates argue that there are viruses synthetics -necessary for the scientific research – and that already in the past have been leaks of laboratories considered high security.

And that in addition, in Wuhan, the chinese city where it began, the pandemic, is a institute of virology, which contains several viruses of high mortality and is situated near to the market identified as an initial focus of the pandemic.

But a group of scientificavailable just to disprove these beliefs.

The researchers were able to establish that the SARS-CoV-2 (the name of the virus that causes the covid-19) is not a human invention, but that is a product of nature.

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The SARS-CoV-2 does not have a synthetic origin, as suggested by some conspiracy theories, but natural.

“We were able to determine, from decoding the genetic material of the new coronavirus, this is not a laboratory creation, but that is the product of natural evolution,” he told BBC World dr. Robert E. Garry, professor of Tulane University, U.S., and one of the members of the research team.

This statement demolished the theory that the new coronavirus is a “biological weapon” that was created by the man.

“We were able to establish that, from the genetic characteristics of SARS-CoV-2, is impossible that anyone could you have created in a laboratory“, he added.

And to reach this conclusion, they had to analyze the genetic material of the new coronavirus and comparison with the virus that are currently in the laboratories of virology.

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Genetic map

At the beginning of the pandemic, all was confusion: it was not clear what was causing the boxes to fatal pneumonia in dozens of patients in China.

After they cleared the scene: it was established that it was a new virus, the SARS-CoV-2. But where had he gone?

As pointed out by the research team, led by the infectologist california Kristian Andersen and with experts of different countries, their goal from the beginning was to disassemble part of the theories that pointed to a premeditated in the creation of the pandemic. In other words, that the man was involved in it.

“If it were a construction lab, you would have to have used a virus previously known as a template. The virus is closer to SARS-CoV-2 it is a virus of bat that was sequenced after that began the pandemic,” said Garry.

“In addition, the virus of bat is only 96% similar to the SARS-CoV-2. It is not possible to complete the genetic distance (4%) in a laboratory,” the scientist added.

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Nature has found a better way than any human could have designed to create this new virus”

After several analyses made by the researchers, the team reached the “firm conclusion” that the new virus had an origin totally natural, as noted in the results of his essay, published with the title “An approach to the origin of the SARS-CoV-2“in the march issue of the magazine Nature Medicine.

“We compare all the viruses that could serve as a template, including these that were found in the pangolin and bats, and the calculations of the computer indicate that it would not have been able to create in a lab a virus that has this capability of infection”, explained the researcher.

Nature has found a better way that anyone who a human I would have been able to design“added Garry.

For the expert and his team, in addition to get rid of the conspiracy theories about the origin and intention of spreading the virus, the conclusions of the research are fundamental to knowing how to evolve this virus type.

“We are now aware that there is a new possible way of generating coronavirus that can affect the human being: the combination between two coronaviruses in nature,” said Garry.

“We already know that the SARS-CoV classic and the MERS -another virus that causes respiratory conditions – they jump from animals to humans without changes. Now we also know that coronaviruses of animals can recombine to make new coronavirus that represent threats of pandemic, such as what we are seeing,” she explained.

And concluded: To characterize the coronaviruses in animals, especially bats, is a high priority“.

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The city of Wuhan became the origin of the pandemic of covid-19, but also at the centre of many theories about the possible reasons of the occurrence of the virus.

Other findings

This finding of the team of Andersen was validated by other scientists that were not part of the research.

“The report talks about a system reverse genetic, that is basically how you can see the virus and then modify it,” said Josie Golding, chief of epidemiology of the organization Wellcome Trust, the british daily The Telegraph.

“But by the way in which this virus has evolved, none of the genetic systems reverse known is applied. It puts an end to any speculation about a genetic engineering deliberate”, he added.

The findings enabled the researchers to provide more evidence to the theory that the virus was transmitted from animals to men.

“We can suggest, from what we have found in our analysis, the two scenarios on the origin of the virus: first, that there could be a process of natural selection in an animal host prior to the transfer zoonotic (i.e., animal to human)”, notes the text published in Nature Medicine.

“And the second, which might have produced a natural selection in humans after the transfer zoonotic, which also could happen, a process of natural selection during the passage, which might have resulted in SARS-CoV-2”, concludes the report.

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